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Just Take It Easy


So Hubby finally told my MIL I was pregnant. Guess what she said??? “Tell her to take it easy because I can’t come up and help out this time” What???? Like I did anything to make my own water break!!!! Seriously?!?! As if I put myself in that situation. Gosh the nerve of that woman. pPROM happens for many reasons. They never did figure out what caused my water to break at 28 weeks. It just did. But believe you me if there was something I could do that would cause it I would not do it!!! Actually I was taking it easy when it happened. Just the week before I was in the hospital with contractions. So nothing could have stopped it….not even “taking it easy”!!!!!

NICU – Day 4


We had another great day in the NICU again!! I was able to physically nurse Gus!! He did great. He didn’t have a strong rooting reflex but that is because of his age and the fact that he just began to start eating. He nursed for a good 10 minutes. His nurse said after 24 feedings his IV should be able to come out. This is one more step closer we are to coming home 😉 He was also in a regular bed and not under the warming lights. This means he is able to maintain his body temp! If things keep progressing at this rate he will be home by mid-week :mrgreen:

Today’s weight:  4lbs. 12.72oz.

I am also happy to say MIL has gone home!!! Yes her help was needed and much appreciated. But it was getting a bit much having her here. Plus my FIL had developed an ulcer while she was gone and she needs to be home to care for him.

Day 38


Home sweet home!

I have broken out of my prison! My first night home was great. Hubby made some homemade pizza for dinner. All 5 kiddos just talked and talked all through dinner. After dinner I spent some relaxing time hanging out in bed with JoJo. Chip & Busy Bee were in and out all night just to say hi. My MIL is staying until next weekend instead of the first weekend in April as planned. I have no idea what my future holds. Since my doc cannot approve of my leaving the hospital he cannot set up a plan of action for my care. So in essence I am my own doc. I will go to the hospital on Monday for a NST. From there I am guessing I will go in 2 times a week to monitor the baby. I have no idea if a date will be set for induction. I guess it’s just day by day right now?? It would really be ideal for me to go into labor on my own…..but I do not see that happening 😆

Day 27


One day shy of 4 weeks. Four very long weeks!! I know that this will be over soon and when I am through it I will be thankful for the time I spent in the hospital.

I found out my MIL will be here on Thursday. This gives hubby a day and a half to get the house clean and ready for her arrival. I hope the little ones don’t wear her out. She is the “play with me” grandma. She will play endless games of Candyland & Hi-Ho-Cherry-O. My mom is good for reading books and doing puzzles.

Day 26


Here I am starting a new week! As of today I now have less days left then days I’ve been in the hospital. This week I will be 32 weeks!! The end is getting near. I have nothing exciting happening until Wednesday. I will be 32 weeks on Wednesday and I have another sonogram appointment. I’m not sure which days hubby will be able to come visit. It all depends on what day my MIL is getting here.