Day 38


Home sweet home!

I have broken out of my prison! My first night home was great. Hubby made some homemade pizza for dinner. All 5 kiddos just talked and talked all through dinner. After dinner I spent some relaxing time hanging out in bed with JoJo. Chip & Busy Bee were in and out all night just to say hi. My MIL is staying until next weekend instead of the first weekend in April as planned. I have no idea what my future holds. Since my doc cannot approve of my leaving the hospital he cannot set up a plan of action for my care. So in essence I am my own doc. I will go to the hospital on Monday for a NST. From there I am guessing I will go in 2 times a week to monitor the baby. I have no idea if a date will be set for induction. I guess it’s just day by day right now?? It would really be ideal for me to go into labor on my own…..but I do not see that happening 😆


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