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My Five


I just wanted to take some time to honor each of my children!

Goober – He will be graduating 8th grade in 2 short weeks! This kid young man is so smart. He’s funny too but not in that obvious way. He is so good with the little ones. Every time I see my youngest & oldest together is “gets me” – He is so thoughtful & considerate!!

Ry-Guy – If you want to laugh pull up a chair next to this one. I think his humor is his way of coping with life. He seems so confident but he’s at that awkward age (12 almost 13) He is smart but in the thinking out of the box sort of way. He’s sweet when he wants to be (or should I say wants something)

Chip – He is loud & quiet at the same time. He’ll start off a story all animated & loud then end on a mumble. He is so quick witted!! He is the fly on the wall – he hears it all. He is sweet & sensitive.

My only daughter Busy Bee – Oh boy is she something! A typical drama queen – she loves to make a fashion statement. She will change her clothes several times a day if I let her. She is a mini-me (she has gotten my way of talking to near perfect) She loves to help with all the “mommy” jobs – laundry, making beds, dishes, etc. She is so smart & very funny (if just to herself if no one else is around to notice 😆 )

And last but not least JoJo – He is so different from my other kids. He is not shy. (my other kids were/are painfully shy) He is trying so hard to talk. It seems like he knows a new word every day. And this kid has done something none of my other kids have done – he got out of the house! My neighbor brought him home to me – he had let the dog out and was running after him 😯 I think I aged a few years on the spot!!

My days are so busy – But I try to take a moment each day to admire and absorb each of my children!


Missing My Husband & Am I The ONLY One?


Sigh…I miss my hubby today. Yes I said I miss him. I know how could I possibly miss the person I live with right?? I feel like we haven’t seen each other all week. And when we do “see” each other we’re watching tv trying to catch up on our shows. I feel so rushed like I have no time to enjoy the time we have. I know part of this sadness/missing him is because I’ve been under a lot of stress due to some money issues we’re having. And life is crazy with 5 kids. There is always someone who wants or needs something…

….Which leads to…..

…….It seems like I’m the ONLY one who can do certain things in my house!

Such as:

wiping poopy hineys

giving the little ones a bath

folding the laundry

feeding the baby – Both breastfeeding & solids

picking up the dog poop in the yard

cleaning the toilet

Putting the little ones to bed

I could be sitting and eating my lunch and my hubby will be watching tv and I have to get up and wipe a poopy butt! And then go back to lunch?? Of course as a mom this is “normal” and honestly nothing can stop me when I’m hungry LOL! But come on!! Hubby should at least offer to help right??? Hmmm….did I say I missed him?? Maybe that’s coming to pass right now? LOL!!