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It’s Back!


I knew it wouldn’t last forever. I was expecting it to come. I’ve been trying to night wean Gus so that he would sleep through the night. Approximately 4 weeks after starting this IT returned. I have to say it is weird to have this old friend back. One good thing that has come of this is that the pounds are melting well dripping away! I lost about 4 pounds right away and I’ve noticed that my appetite has decreased a bit. I’m sure it has to do more with less breastfeeding than it does with my monthly visitors return. Either way I am happy with the change 😉

On a side note this explains a lot for me. I was feeling quite moody and emotional last week. I even went as far as logging off of Facebook 😳 Now I know I wasn’t going crazy!!


Whispers Of The Heart


I’ve been feeling pretty sentimental the past few days. After reading a very emotional blog entry about breastfeeding over at Raising Arrows I started to look at my feeding sessions with Gus in a new light. I’ve always enjoyed nursing my babies but I could get a little impatient when I had to stop what I was doing so that I could breastfeed.

Reading Emily’s Story I was in tears.  Two dates jumped out at me while reading that heartbreaking entry. The first was Feb. 10, 2008.  My water broke exactly 2 years later. I was  just 28 weeks along.  And the second was Feb. 14, 2008. Exactly one year later was the day my sweet baby Job Andrew went to be with the Lord.

All of this combined with the reconnecting with and old friend and the upcoming one year anniversary of the dates I mentioned earlier has had me feeling quite emotional. The good emotional 🙂

I don’t know how to tie this up. Usually I wait until I can find something witty or profound to say……but I think I’ll end it like this. Until next time.

It’s Been Too Long!!


I have wanted to blog so many times. I even get the whole thing “written” out in my head. It just never makes out 😆

I believe I am in a new season. The” never stop running because your children are in school” season. Since school started I have been non-stop.

Busy Bee is just loving kindergarten!! She has made many new friends. Girls are so social!! Her teacher says she’s a little on the chatty side (just like her momma!!)

Chip is doing great in first grade. He adjusted well to the full day schedule. He is not liking the homework tho.

Ry-Guy and Goober are doing well. Not much new for the big boys.

Jo-Jo…..well he really deserves a few blog entries all to himself. He has been having trouble sleeping. I believe it’s a delayed reaction to the stress of my bed rest and the birth of the baby. Along with his sleeping problems he has also been acting very fresh. He will cry if something doesn’t go his way, he doesn’t listen when we are out of the house and he will pick fights with Chip and Busy Bee. It has been exhausting to say the least!!!

Gus has gotten so big! At six months he is weighing in at 13lbs. 14oz!!! He is now on cereal and I have given him bananas, peas & sweet potatoes. He has 2 bottom teeth. He is finally strong enough to sit in the exersaucer and he really enjoys it. He still requires my attention almost all the time and he will only nap in my arms or when we are out and he is in the carseat. He does sleep great at night tho. I am in no hurry for him to start crawling 😉

I know there is so much more but my little one is requiring some mommy time!!!

Ordinary Days – Amazing Moments


There is nothing better than the everyday moments. They are so routine that they don’t seem like anything special. But they are oh so very special. These are the things that give your kids their sense of security. They know what will happen. No surprises. These are the moments that make me feel like a real mom. My favorite is the morning rush. Let me draw a picture of my morning:

6am and Jo-Jo climbs into bed with me. As I nurse Gus Jo-Jo snuggles with me. In a bit Chip and Busy Bee join us. After Gus is done eating I get up and change his diaper and we all head into the kitchen. We are followed by our furry friends. Mickey is jumping up and down as I put Gus in his bouncy seat and Max is rubbing himself on my legs. After getting Gus settled I feed these furry friends. I then turn on my Keurig coffee maker and we start figuring out what breakfast will be for the day. I do not have a set time to eat or a set meal for breakfast. The kiddos choose between waffles, cereal, instant oatmeal or bagels. For a few minutes I am a short order cook – then it gets quiet as the little ones start eating. This is when I brew my coffee. I then settle into my chair and sip my coffee as I read the local paper.

It is all so mundane that it may not seem like much to some. But for me it is the best. Every morning (just about 😉 ) I find such great satisfaction in this busy, everyday moment.

13 Weeks Actual – 7 Weeks Adjusted


Gus is getting so big so fast. He is now over 10 lbs. I’m not sure of his exact weight….we go for a well check next week.

He is trying so hard to coo and “talk”. We got him to laugh once or twice 😆

 He is still only happy/quiet when someone is holding him.

He will sleep for a good 4-5 hour stretch at night.

Breastfeeding is going great!!

My Morning……


Let me start by saying I have a killer sore throat from allergy post-nasal drip!

I started my day around 6:45am (after getting up every 2 hours or so to nurse Gus) Goober was getting ready to leave for school. I turned on my Keurig coffee maker and put away the dishes while my cup of hazelnut coffee brewed. I sat down at the table and sipped my coffee while nursing the baby and paging through the local paper. All the while I was being graced by Busy Bee with her made up dance routine (which seemed to be an endless series of  twists & turns) After Gus was full & content I put him in the swing to hang out. I took the opportunity of free time and did a quick workout. After I showered and dressed I was asked to play a game of toss. We also took turns tossing the ball into an empty box. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself 😉 This went on until Gus woke up and needed to eat again. After Gus was finished eating I made an early lunch for myself & the little ones.

At some point I also tossed in a load of wash, fixed breakfast for the little ones, cleaned the bathroom and changed diapers.

So Much To Say….So Little Time


I miss blogging. When I have a quiet moment (rare) I think about the things I’d like to blog about. Then things get crazy and I don’t seem to have time. These past few weeks since the baby was born have been so full. So full of activity, so full of emotions, so full of stuff!!!

I am still in awe of the fact that Gus is here. The end of my pregnancy was so surreal. It was difficult both physically & emotionally. I went on auto-pilot just to get through the whole ordeal. Now that he is here reality is setting in. He is here! I have 6 kiddos and my youngest is a 6 week premature infant!!! Wow……funny how life’s road twists and turns 😉

My little JoJo isn’t so little any more 😦 He has turned into a little boy. I could just sit and watch him play for hours (if I had the time 😆 ) Time is going by so fast and I try not to get wrapped up in the daily grind. I try to enjoy each child as they are. I remind myself to give hugs and kisses and to listen not only with my ears but with my heart. I try to remind myself to enjoy my gifts (my children)

My time in the hospital has taught me a lot. I know all of it has happened for a reason. It taught my hubby about my daily life with the kids. He now is more understanding of me and it has made our relationship so much stronger. And it has taught me to appreciate the little things. Be happy with what you have. It could all be gone in the blink of an eye!!