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Just Quit Already!!!


I am <strong>SO</strong> annoyed!! It seems like hubby will <strong>never </strong>quit smoking. It’s always next week or after this pack. No matter how tight money gets hubby still finds a way to keep smoking. And this has me smoking mad 😡 Cigarettes just went up <strong>again. </strong>They are now $7 and change for <strong>one </strong>pack!!! 😯 Honestly I do not know how much he smokes or spends a week. But any amount is too much for me. The guy has asthma!! He is the last person who should be lighting up!!! But sadly there is nothing I can do. His doc suggested I withhold s*x until he quits. Ummm….guess that didn’t work 😳 🙄


I Am A Quitter!!!


Yes I am a quitter and I am proud to say it!! 😉 10 Years ago I quit smoking 🙂 Not once did I slip up or cheat. I quit…..now if only I can get hubby to quit too…….