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Its Been Too Long……….


Well It’s been a while since I posted. A few things to update on……

Baby # 7 is another boy!!! So that makes it 6 boys and only 1 girl for us!

I am waiting to get a new van…..a 12-15 passenger van! I was in a car accident on Sept 10th and the insurance company deemed my minivan as a “total loss” – This was not how in envisioned us getting a new van but this is how it’s happening 🙂

School has started and I am enjoying my quiet days with just Jo-Jo and Gus at home. I decided to hold off on kindergarten for Jo-Jo. He just isn’t ready and honestly neither am I lol!

So now I’m just trying to relax and take it easy before our new bundle of joy arrives


My Baby Was Barely A Baby!!


I feel really cheated. With Gus being born early it seemed like it took forever for him to be a “baby” Then all of a sudden he’s not a baby anymore. He no longer eats baby food, he doesn’t sit in the bouncy seat, he refuses to use the exersaucer, he’s out of the infant car seat and now rear facing in the convertible car seat and I just packed away the baby bathtub 😥 In 2 weeks my “baby” will be one. Where has th time gone??

(I don’t really feel cheated, I cherish every moment with my children. This was just an observation on how un-baby my baby has been 😆 )

Why Do I Have Toys??


My youngest Gus is not really fond of the typical toys. In fact I cannot remember the last time he played with a “real” toy all on his own. Usually we have to “play” with it first so that it looks fun for him 😆

So  what are his favorite things to play with???

Shoes – I know gross, I don’t let him play with them – but when he gets a hold of one he is a happy camper 🙂

Paper – Another thing we don’t let him have……

Spoons – This one we let him have 😉

String – Yes I know it can be dangerous, we watch him carefully with this. He likes to “throw” the string.

The remote – The working real remote, not the broken one with no batteries 😕

Mickey’s dog tags – Our well-behaved puggle will let Gus play with his tags.

Mommy’s hair – Ouch, Gus loves to fiddle with my hair while breastfeeding

The wipees box – when changing his diaper he lunges for the wipes

 I’m sure there are a few more non-toys that he enjoys……

So why do I even bother keeping the toys, buying the toys & storing the toys? (Actually I haven’t bought many new toys for Gus.) I suppose I am hanging on to the toys for sentimental reasons since all of the other kiddos played with them. Sniff……

Where Did The Year Go??


I cannot believe this year is almost over. It just flew by!!! I started the year pregnant and I am ending the year with a very busy 9 month old!!!

Highlights from the year – both good & bad:

Tons of snow

 My water breaking @ 28 weeks during one of the bad snowfalls

6 weeks of hospital bed rest

Baby Gus is born March 24, 2010 at 9:30 pm – 5lbs. 17 3/4″

7 days in the NICU for Gus 😦

Baby Firsts: smile, rolling over, solid food, creeping/crawling & pulling up

A quiet summer spent mostly at home (rare for me)

Busy Bee started kindergarten……sniff……

Maggie May joined our family

My oldest Goober broke his leg/ankle November 12th

And finally Christmas!!!!

It was a good year. One of the best yet. Gus has truly changed me. I am no longer a ball of stress and self-doubt. I cherish every moment I have with my children. I thank God every day for my family and friends!

My wishes for 2011?

Hmmmm……I can’t think of anything!!! Just more good times with my family ❤