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I Don’t Have A Witty Title For This Post!


So it’s been quite a while since I last posted. Some nights I lay in bed and compose an entry…only to forget it once I wake up. I have been pleasantly busy since school has started. I started going to MOPS again. I was a bit nervous because I knew the moms that I had problems with while I was in the hospital on bedrest would be there. But being stronger now then I was then I did it. It was a bit awkward a few times but all in all I had a great time. I also went to another MOPS group a few towns over. My friend around the corner from me invited us. So now I have 2 MOPS families 😉 Jo-Jo loves his MOPS-school as he says it.

Busy Bee’s cheer season is coming to an end. I believe we only have 2 or 3 games left 😦 We both have thoroughly enjoyed this. Next year I think I may volunteer to be a coach. She is also busy with her Daisy Scout troop. My Busy Bee truly is very busy!!

I have also been quite busy with Goober and football. Picking up from practice, dropping off at practices and games and attending what games I can. He has worked very hard at this. I feel bad that our school doesn’t have a better team. He comes home so disappointed when we don’t win 😦

Gus has been growing in leaps and bounds. He continues to amaze and amuse us. He still enjoys being worn and sleeping with mommy. It’s like he must be close enough to touch me at all times. I am not complaining tho….he very well may be our last blessing 😦 We have been busy enjoying our time at MOPS and our playgroups. There are 2 Christian playgroups we go to. It is good for Gus to play with other children while I am close by as he has a very difficult time separating from me!!!

Ry-Guy is my “slug” kid. If you look at him it seems like he is barely moving lol! He is pretty much doing the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. He is still dating the same girl since February. They mostly text and talk on the phone. He has adjusted as well as he can for high school. He is doing good in school….just not doing well in the waking-up-on-time department 😆

Let’s see who is left??? Chip!!! Well I guess he is my other “slug” kid 😆 As of now he is not doing any activities. We may start boy scouts soon? I just have to see when they meet. Hubby’s job is moving to a new location an hour away from home in the next few weeks and I’m not sure he will be home to take him to the meetings.

As for me…..I have sold a few of my carriers!! I may re-open my Etsy store soon. I’m taking my time on deciding…don’t want to stress myself out. We have also started going back to church.The time was right for us. It feels good to be back. Right now I am in a very good place. I am enjoying each moment as best as I can. I know that at any moment it can all come crashing down (not that I am wishing for that!!)


Once, Twice….


A few weeks ago while Christmas shopping with my mom I ran into an old “friend”. (This was the person that I had many problems with while I was on bedrest in the hospital after my water broke.) It caught me off guard and kinda made my stomach do a little flip and my heart race. We didn’t talk. We just locked eyes, did a tight smile and kept on walking.

Flash forward……I’m dashing through Target with Gus, Busy Bee, JoJo and Goober looking for some ink for our printer. I was feeling a bit rushed because football was going to be starting and we wanted to get back in time for the game. So here I am flying through the store and who do I see???? Yup my “friend”. I wasn’t caught off guard like last time. It was sort of like “Oh it’s you” and that was it. We finished our shopping and hurried home to watch the game. But I just couldn’t get this second run-in out of my head. Yes we live near each other and it’s bound to happen. But for almost a year I didn’t see or hear from her. Then twice in the span of a few weeks and there she is.

I keep wondering if it’s coincidence or God’s plan?

I must say the pain and hurt she caused was huge! Because of this situation I stopped going to church and MOPS because she was involved and going too.  But after all I’ve been through with Gus it just isn’t worth it to hold onto that hurt. When I saw her both times my first feeling wasn’t anger…..it was surprise!

So now what??

I Am Ready To Go Back


Ever so slowly my heart has been healing. I am ready to get back to church. I had been thinking about it for a few weeks now. I did some research on the net of some local churches I wanted to try out. I had e-mailed a church for some more information. The response I received was positive, warm and welcoming. So off I went this morning with 3 of my kiddos. The church was all I was expecting and more! They have a staffed nursery (a must for me) as well as Sunday school during worship service. It is not the contemporary style of service I was looking for but it really didn’t bother me after feeling so at home within minutes of walking through the door. The hymns we sang were songs I had heard before and the sermon was amazing! It was a message I needed to hear, longed to hear, and I found myself drawn in and nodding at each point the Pastor was making. After service we gathered for fellowship. I spent over an hour chatting with everyone…..the time just flew by. Busy Bee and Chip were in their glory playing with the other children. As we walked out the doors they were asking when we can go back. I plan on taking the entire crew next Sunday.

After such an uplifting morning I was inspired to cook a special meal for hubby. I made his favorite: breaded chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn and biscuits. It took a while to make with all the little ones underfoot but it was so worth it 😉

Getting Out Was Good


It felt good to get out last night. The kids were thrilled to be back at youth group. I was so very tired that I felt like I was walking through a fog. Praise & worship was good. The Bible study part left me feeling a little disappointed. Pastor B did such a good job it was hard to have another teacher 😦 But all in all it was a good night. I had gotten so comfortable staying home and not talking to people I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten. But God knew. It was the prayers of many that got me out of the house last night. 🙂

Taking A Step Back


Sigh……Sadly I am taking a step back from church. A beloved pastor has left the church suddenly. Along with her went her extended family (1 family made up more than 1/2 of our praise band) It was all explained to us why she left (budget reasons) and I understand it. But the suddenness of it has thrown me. I don’t know how to explain my feelings other than saying I need to step away from the situation so I can get a handle on my feelings. On top of this pastor leaving I have been struggling with hubby not wanting to go to church. I’ve also had an antifreeze leak in my van as well as a flat tire. Goober needs new sneakers as well as wrestling sneakers and a few pairs of exercise clothes for wrestling practice. Things just seem to be piling up and Christmas is right around the corner. Money was very tight this last week and I had to miss my MOPS meeting because I didn’t have enough gas to get there and back and still be able to pick Chip up from school and Goober up from wrestling practice. This left me feeling very isolated and disconnected. So with all of this going on I am taking a step back from attending church. Maybe after the holidays things will settle down? Yeah right 😆

Feeling A Little Better


Slowly I am starting to feel better. Not so up and down with my emotions. I still have something on my mind though. It’s the church I’ve been going to. I’m not 100% sure about it being the right church for my family. I love the Sunday school classes, the contemporary worship style & the people. I’m not too sure about the beliefs the church is based on. It is a Pentecostal church. I miss the Methodist style worship services of my old church. I may start visiting other churches again. I’m not sure yet. I’ve been praying on it.

So Gald I Did It!!


I went to church last night. I almost didn’t go. Why? It wasn’t because I was embarrassed or ashamed for not going. It wasn’t because I was worried about what anyone would think. I think it was because I got comfortable not going. I got used to not “feeling” See when I go to church I “feel” all of my feelings – good & bad. (But the bad isn’t so bad) But when I stay home I go numb. But here’s the thing – that numbness never lasts. Then the feelings are even more intense and overwhelming. So I jumped back in. I picked a mid week service to do so. It’s a nice small group of church members. A group that most of which I know. (and they know me) There were lots of hugs and prayers. It was awesome! And the kids had a good time too. Poor Chip – he’s been wanting to go for so long!! And he is learning the days of the week. So you can’t fool him and tell him it’s not a “church day” 😆 I’m not sure where hubby is with his “issue”. But when he saw how miserable I was not going he urged me to go back. He knows how important it is for me to have this church family. He’ll be working 7 days a week for the entire summer so I don’t have to stress over that for a while anyway. I will enjoy my summer….and be thankful for all that I have!!!