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I Have This Box……


Inside my head I have this box. It’s big and pretty beat up. I’ve had this box for as long as I can remember. Inside I keep my thoughts & dreams, my memories (good & bad), my feelings, my past, my present, my future.  I try to keep this box neat and tidy. For the most part I do a good job doing this. Then every once in a while this Me but “Not Me” comes in and dumps my box. She kicks all of my “stuff” around and makes this huge mess!! I have tried many things to deal with “Not Me” .  We have fought long and hard. A few times the “Real Me” has just let the “Not Me” take over. When this happens things get bad.  Then the “Real Me” gets her strength back and kicks the “Not Me” to the curb!

I know I’m not the only one who deals with this situation. Knowing that helps me feel a little better. One day I hope to send this “Not Me” packing for good!! Today is a good day. “Real Me” is in control 😉

Dark Clouds Are Returning


My worst fears have come true 😥 My PPD seems to have come back. I’ve been fighting it for the past few days and I just cannot get above it. I honestly do not know what I am going to do this time………