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Let’s Talk Laundry Detergent


About 2 weeks ago I started making my own laundry detergent. I had seen recipes for it before but it always seemed like so much work. Then at my MOPS group I was given an easy recipe. I added some essential oil for added scent and I have to say I love it!! With 6 kids I do quite a bit of laundry. I haven’t had to make more in the 2 weeks since I made my own. I’d say I have enough to last maybe a week more!!! So what’s my easy recipe??

Here it is:


Missing My Husband & Am I The ONLY One?


Sigh…I miss my hubby today. Yes I said I miss him. I know how could I possibly miss the person I live with right?? I feel like we haven’t seen each other all week. And when we do “see” each other we’re watching tv trying to catch up on our shows. I feel so rushed like I have no time to enjoy the time we have. I know part of this sadness/missing him is because I’ve been under a lot of stress due to some money issues we’re having. And life is crazy with 5 kids. There is always someone who wants or needs something…

….Which leads to…..

…….It seems like I’m the ONLY one who can do certain things in my house!

Such as:

wiping poopy hineys

giving the little ones a bath

folding the laundry

feeding the baby – Both breastfeeding & solids

picking up the dog poop in the yard

cleaning the toilet

Putting the little ones to bed

I could be sitting and eating my lunch and my hubby will be watching tv and I have to get up and wipe a poopy butt! And then go back to lunch?? Of course as a mom this is “normal” and honestly nothing can stop me when I’m hungry LOL! But come on!! Hubby should at least offer to help right??? Hmmm….did I say I missed him?? Maybe that’s coming to pass right now? LOL!!