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Day 30


It’s a new day complete with a new look for my blog 😀 After doing a little switching around with my blog I am now feeling much better 😉 Hopefully my bugs have been taken care of.

Hubby came up this morning and brought me a coffee. He was able to do that thanks to my MIL being at home to watch the little ones. Hubby will head back to work on Monday.

I had another sonogram today. My AFI is up to 7.8!! :mrgreen: The BPP was 8/8. The baby is looking GREAT!! He is SO active!


Day 28 – 4 Weeks


I am 32 weeks today!!! It has been 4 weeks since my water broke. I had a sonogram this afternoon. My AFI was 7.4 😯 :mrgreen: !!!! That is more then when my water first broke!!!! Of course his BPP was 8/8. The high risk doc said he recommends being induced by 34 weeks. My doc is saying 35 weeks. I guess it all depends on how well the baby is doing. So it looks like I may only have 2 weeks left? Only time will tell 😉

I have to say that I can’t wait to meet this baby. He has proven to be such a feisty little fighter. He is the most active in the womb then all my other kiddos. When the sonogram tech went over his foot he made sure to give her a nice kick each and every time. 😆