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Snow Storms, Stomach Bugs & Smiles


Well my hopes for less snow this winter have been dashed. We’ve had a few good storms that dropped a lot of snow.

Chip & Jo Jo on a 4-5 foot bank

There IS a car under there.....I think? 😯

God's beauty can be found everywhere.....you just have to look

We were also hit with the stomach bug  😦  Gus was the first one to get it. Then it hit JoJo and the last one to have it was Ry-Guy. It was a quick bug to pass through and it only lasted 1 -1 1/2 days. PTL none of the other kiddos got it.
Through all of this chaos we’ve still had our smiles and fun 🙂
Yes Gus is wearing a Christmas bib – 😆

JoJo and Busy Bee acting silly

Morning madness


Ok not a smile but an adorable pic of Gus!!!



My Water Broke!!


Wednesday afternoon (Feb. 10) around 2:30 pm I felt a small gush. I jumped up and my worst fear was confirmed! My water broke!! I was 28 weeks…….this can’t be happening! Plus we were smack in the middle of a huge snow storm!! I called hubby who was at work. Then I called my mom & OB. Hubby was closer to the hospital than me so I figured it would be easier to drive myself. The normally 30 minute drive took me 1 hour and 15 minutes. Visibility was less than 1/4 mile.

So now I am on bedrest at the hospital for as long as the baby will hold on (which can be up to six weeks!!!) So far all is looking good. I have been given 2 doses of steroids to help the baby’s lungs mature and I am on antibiotics every 4 hours. They did a quick sonogram and the baby is head down. I’m not happy about being away from my kids. And being in bed in the hospital is so very boring. Hubby was sweet enough to get me a laptop so that I will not go insane.