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Birth Stats


I read a post over at Too Many Kids…. about birth stats. I thought it would be neat to do my own 😉

Baby #1
Gender: Boy
Due date: Feb. 9, 1995
Birthdate: Feb. 16, 1995
Delivery Type: normal (not c-section)
Epidural: Yes
labor: 17 hours
Birth time: 3:22 am
Birth weight: 8 lbs. 9 oz.
Height: 20 inches

Baby #2
Gender: Boy
Due date: July 31, 1996
Birthdate: Aug. 7, 1996
Delivery Type: normal (not c-section)
Epidural: Yes
labor: 11 hours
Birth time: 5:28 am
Birth weight: 8 lbs. 7 oz.
Height: 20 inches

Baby #3
Gender: Boy
Due date: Sept. 19, 2003
Birthdate: Sept. 18, 2003
Delivery Type: normal –  induction due to possible large baby
Epidural: Yes
labor: 7 hours
Birth time: 3:06 pm
Birth weight: 7 lbs. 13 oz
Height: 19 1/2 inches

Baby #4
Gender: Girl
Due date: March 13, 2005
Birthdate: March 5, 2005
Delivery Type: normal –  induction due to my requests – *see note*
Epidural: No
labor: 6  hours and 30 minutes
Birth time: 2:33 pm
Birth weight: 7 lbs.  1 oz
Height: 19  inches
*I just knew there was something wrong, after my repeated requests the OB induced me. Minutes before she was born here heart rate dropped – the cord was around her neck 3 times – after she was safe in my arms the OB said if I had gone full term she most likely would have been born still!

Baby #5
Gender: Boy
Due date: Sept. 7, 2007
Birthdate: Sept. 12, 2007
Delivery Type: normal  induction due to my request
Epidural: No
labor: 3 hours and 15 minutes
Birth time: 10:45 am
Birth weight: 8 lbs. 2 oz.
Height: 20 inches

Baby #6
Miscarriage – 11 weeks – missed M/C – required D&C

Baby #7
Miscarriage – 6 weeks – Natural at home

Baby #8
Gender: Boy
Due date: May 5, 2010
Birth date: March 24, 2010 – 6 weeks early & 6 weeks after my water broke @ 28 weeks
Delivery type: induction
Epidural: no
Labor: 14 hours & 30 minutes
Birth time: 9:30 pm
Birth weight: 5 lbs.
Length: 17 3/4  inches

Whispers Of The Heart


I’ve been feeling pretty sentimental the past few days. After reading a very emotional blog entry about breastfeeding over at Raising Arrows I started to look at my feeding sessions with Gus in a new light. I’ve always enjoyed nursing my babies but I could get a little impatient when I had to stop what I was doing so that I could breastfeed.

Reading Emily’s Story I was in tears.  Two dates jumped out at me while reading that heartbreaking entry. The first was Feb. 10, 2008.  My water broke exactly 2 years later. I was  just 28 weeks along.  And the second was Feb. 14, 2008. Exactly one year later was the day my sweet baby Job Andrew went to be with the Lord.

All of this combined with the reconnecting with and old friend and the upcoming one year anniversary of the dates I mentioned earlier has had me feeling quite emotional. The good emotional 🙂

I don’t know how to tie this up. Usually I wait until I can find something witty or profound to say……but I think I’ll end it like this. Until next time.

Things Are Finally Turning Around!!!


Well it’s about time things start going in a more positive direction for me. It felt like that black cloud would follow me forever! But now that I am through my whole pregnancy ordeal I am feeling better. My household seems to be improving as well. We are finally getting ahead financially. What a good feeling. Emotionally I have been feeling good. I know it’s still early but I am hopeful that I will not fall prey to the grip of postpartum depression. All in all things are looking up :mrgreen:


My shining light, my antidepressant, my blessing