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Had Fun – Glad It’s Done!


I look forward to Christmas from about mid November. But once Christmas morning is over I don’t want to hear another Christmas song, watch another Christmas movie or look at the Christmas tree another second! For well over 10 years I have taken down the tree either Christmas day night or the very next day. This year I took it down the day after Christmas since I was sick. All 3 little ones have been coughing and 2 were running a temp. I was sick and sleeping all afternoon Christmas Eve day and most of the afternoon on Christmas. Even though the little ones were sick they had a good Christmas. My big boys were up well before the little ones 😆

Oh Christmas Tree


We put up our Christmas tree yesterday. The kids had a blast. They did all the decorating themselves 😉 We put colored on for the first time ever. We usually just do white lights. Hubby has been bugging me for years to put on colored lights. So I bought some after Christmas last year when they were 90% off 😉 After putting up the tree hubby & I got our Christmas shopping done. Other than stocking stuffers we are done!

To Tree or Not To Tree…That’s The Question!!


Normally I’d have my Christmas tree up by now. But this year I am dreading it. 5 kids – 3 dogs – Need I say more??? 😯 And there’s the dilemma of where to put it. I love to sit and enjoy it but if I can see it so can the kids & dogs LOL! A friend suggested a small table top tree. But then there’s still the dilemma of where to put it. Plus I’d have to buy one. And if you’ve read my blog you’d know we barely have money for gifts let alone a new tree. So the question is tree – yes or no? Where & when?