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NICU – Day 6 (Special Care Nursery)


Last night Gus’s IV was removed. Along with the removal of the IV he also received a new address at the hospital. You can now find this little guy on Sesame Street in the Special Care Nursery!!! When hubby & I arrived today we found our super star free from the phototherapy lights and without his “cool” baby shades 😆 I was also able to nurse him without being hooked up to all the machines. His nurse said his bilirubin levels will be checked tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed…..if the numbers are good he will be coming home!! The only other thing that needs to be done is his circumcision. 

Today’s Weight: 4lbs. 15oz. 





NICU – Day 5


Today I visited my super star. Gus’s jaundice had gotten worse so he was put under the phototherapy lights this morning. Other than that he is doing great! I was able to nurse him again. For this feeding they disconnected him from all of the machines and let hubby & I take him into another room to feed him. For 30 minutes our baby was all ours. It was wonderful! The NICU doc said if his bilirubin levels drop by tomorrow he may possibly be able to come home on Wednesday!! 😀 

Today’s weight: 4lbs. 13.6oz. 


Hanging out with daddy


NICU – Day 2


Gus is doing good. He has been weaned down to 30% O2! He had another x-ray today. His pneumothorax is gone!!!! :mrgreen: The nurse said he may be able to start feeding tomorrow. He is a little jaundice but not enough to require phototherapy. Goober came with me today. It was so sweet to see my youngest and oldest together.

Today’s weight: 4lbs. 15.71oz.

Today I am wearing size 12 jeans. Ok yes they are relaxed fit and I did have my baby 6 weeks early. But it’s still exciting to say 2 days after my baby was born 😉