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Where Did The Summer Go?


This summer just flew by! In a few days my kiddos are starting school. I can’t believe it. Although it went fast, it didn’t go so fast that we didn’t enjoy ourselves. We had a blast at the beach, a positively pleasant time in our pool, a peachy keen time at the park, a marvelous time at the mall,  and a heavenly time relaxing at home. I wouldn’t change a thing! 

Beach fun



Relaxing at home

Riding the train at the mall




Sun, Sand & God!!!


Ahhh….we had a very nice beach day today. The tide was low…..the sun not too hot. Just what I needed to relax. Almost all the kids were good so all in all an A+ day. Then as we were cleaning up to go a woman I know walked by. As we chatted it became very clear that it was no accident we bumped into each other! The things we talked about were the things that have been on my mind lately. An answer to a prayer!!

Beach Day


Well it finally stopped raining. So we hit the beach! Our first trip of the season went pretty good. A little confusion on who carries what. But all in all a good day. The sun came out strong by mid afternoon. Surprisingly the water wasn’t as cold as I expected. All the kids went in!