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Snow Storms, Stomach Bugs & Smiles


Well my hopes for less snow this winter have been dashed. We’ve had a few good storms that dropped a lot of snow.

Chip & Jo Jo on a 4-5 foot bank

There IS a car under there.....I think? 😯

God's beauty can be found everywhere.....you just have to look

We were also hit with the stomach bug  😦  Gus was the first one to get it. Then it hit JoJo and the last one to have it was Ry-Guy. It was a quick bug to pass through and it only lasted 1 -1 1/2 days. PTL none of the other kiddos got it.
Through all of this chaos we’ve still had our smiles and fun 🙂
Yes Gus is wearing a Christmas bib – 😆

JoJo and Busy Bee acting silly

Morning madness


Ok not a smile but an adorable pic of Gus!!!


From One Extreem To The Next


My life is either extremely quiet and boring or busy and crazy. No in-between. Example…..last January I am pregnant with nothing going on….Febuary my water breaks and I am in the hospital on bed rest. Two weeks ago life was quiet (as quiet as can be with 6 kiddos) and all was well…….Last week started an endless trip to doctors!! Thursday I took JoJo in for an ear infection, Friday I took Gus in for a cold, Monday I had my 6 week postpartum check up, Wednesday I was at the doctors for a tender spot on my ankle that was swollen, Wednesday afternoon I was at the hospital for a sonogram of my leg (my doc thought I may have a blood clot [which I do not have PTL]) and Thursday morning I was getting an x-ray of my ankle!

I guess I should be thankful that I do not have too many super busy times (or at least I haven’t had too many in the past other then the whole water breaking early thing! ) Hopefully this isn’t the start of a new trend for my family………..

6 Weeks, Sick Kids & Shopping


Ok I know that is an odd title for this entry but it covers what I plan on writing about 😉

Last Saturday my mom and I went out to dinner (ALONE) and got a little shopping done. (I left Gus home with hubby) It was an early Mother’s Day get together for us. We had a yummy dinner at Applebees then did our shopping at JC Penny’s. Mom treated me to a few new tops to accommodate “the girls” as I call ’em. (Ahm my expanding bustline 😳 😉 )

Sunday (Mother’s Day) was a nice, relaxing day. Hubby cleaned the house for me while he let me sleep in. He brought me coffee in bed (he offered breakfast but all I wanted was coffee)

Monday was my 6 week postpartum check up. My OB’s office is in the next county so I had to leave early to get there. My appointment was at 3:45 but I left at 2:00 so that I could stop and pick up Gus’ birth certificate. At 2:40 my cell phone rings. It’s Goober calling to say the school called and no one picked up Chip 😯 My step-dad was supposed to pick him up. I was 45 minutes from home!!! I called my mom in a panic. Well long story short my step-dad was just running late and he picked Chip up. Nothin’ like a good scare to get the heart pumping huh?!?

Sick kids: Gus is still sick with his cold 😦 His eye has cleared up but his nose is still very stuffy (especially at night) JoJo has been on the antibiotics for his ear infection. His nose is still stuffy/runny but at least it isn’t bloody anymore. (Last week he woke up with his face covered in blood. After cleaning him up his nose started pouring blood. This was the first time one of my kiddos has ever had a nose bleed. I almost took him to the ER!)

I’ll finish up with the good deals I got at the local Goodwill Store! It took a good hour of searching but I walked out with 3 pairs of jeans, 2 skirts & 2 tops for $23!!! I also got 2 Razor scooters for $9!! Chip has been wanting one for a while. I plan on going back on Saturday with my mom to hunt for some more good deals!!

Oh My Goodness!!!


I am so sick today! Looks like Busy Bee gave me her stomach bug 😦 I haven’t “gotten sick” since before Chip was born over 5 years ago!! It is so terrible. I wasn’t able to get out of bed all day. Ya know….when the little ones are sick they make it look so easy!! One minute they’re vomiting…the next they’re off playing!! 😕 I wish I could feel even half as great!! PTL the big boys had no school again today. So they were able to help me out with the little ones so I could rest. As of now I’m feeling better then this morning…but I’m still feeling very queasy 😦 Ok I’m back to bed…Hopefully I’ll feel better soon??

Is The Day Over Yet??


Ugh…what a day and it’s not even 9am yet!! I was woken up by Busy Bee at 3am telling me she is thirsty. Then seconds later hearing that “splat” knowing it’s not water on the floor!! So I clean her up. Say a prayer of thanks that she wasn’t in my bed at the time and get her tucked into bed. Sigh…I can’t sleep!! So I switch on the tv and watch an old episode of the Brady Bunch!! Just after I’ve fallen asleep I hear “Mooom” Ugh…this time it’s from Chip. He’s wet his bed 😕 Seriously?? I just fell asleep!! So I drag my butt out of bed and get him re-dressed and strip his bed. This time I’m saying a prayer of thanks that JoJo (even though he was awakened) doesn’t cry and quietly watches me make the bed!! Ahh…4:30am and I’m back in bed. It feels like I blink my eyes and morning is here. Bright white, lots of snow, still snowing, cold, windy morning!!! As I’m enjoying the last seconds of my warm bed my hubby reminds me he needs his work clothes washed and dried 😯 Groan…I drag myself downstairs to the laundry room and switch up the laundry. Fast forward (only because I can’t remember what I did after that 😉 !) and here I am sitting at my cpu. It’s gonna be a loooong day home with 5 kiddos!!!

What A Day!!!


I’m just wondering if my day could get any worse??? My day started with a sick Busy Bee. I knew she was sick but still….So I called the pediatrician at 9:10am. I couldn’t get in until 4:30!!! 😯 What a time to be traveling to the doctors!! Any way…hubby & I decided to run to Target to pick up the all-in-one printer on sale in the flyer. Of course they didn’t have any left! So we bought another close in price. I’m all excited to hook it up. Ugh…it doesn’t work w/ my CPU! Apparently Dell & HP products don’t work w/ each other! Who knew?!?! No biggie I figure I’ll return it and pick up the one on sale at Toys R Us! I’ll just leave a little early for the doctors. I get in the van and realize I need gas & cash for tolls and my co-pay! Ugh…so I run to an ATM grab some cash and fly to get gas. After all that was done I had NO time to run to Target. OK so I’ll go after the doctors. Actually the office visit was the fastest part of my day LOL! But there I find out Busy Bee is running a temp of 104.7. My doctor in not happy about that!! So we pump in some Motrin and cross our fingers. Oh and she had an ear infection. The doc asks for the pharmacy to send the prescription ahead of us. Busy Bee seems to be doing well so we run into Target and return the all-in-one. (Very fast, no line, not too bad) From there we go to Toys R Us. I take some time to check out the DVD’s and then we grab the printer, some animal crackers, & apple juice. By now it’s well after 6pm. I decide to call ahead to the pharmacy and make sure the script was there. “No Mrs. M. your daughter’s prescription has not been called in” What??? Why not??? Hmmm….maybe I gave them the wrong pharmacy? I call 3 local pharmacies and each say the same thing! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!! Now I am fuming! Here I am out in bitter cold weather with 2 little ones, one of which just had a 104 temp!!! I call the doctor’s office, of course they’re closed! I call the emergency number and leave my info. Over an hour later the doctor who saw us calls me back. (BTW she does not remember us even tho we were her 2nd to last patient) I tell her what’s happened and she acts like it’s my fault! “Why didn’t you tell the pharmacy to call me?” Umm because I didn’t think I had to! My kids are almost never sick so this isn’t a usual thing for me. “Ok give me the pharmacy’s phone number and I’ll call it in” Ummm…I don’t have the number (it’s not a frequently called number for me ya know!!) “Ok well hang up and get the number and call me back” Umm..I don’t think so YOU get the number and call it in LIKE YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO!!! She says “Well I have other patients to call back” click… WHAT? Did you just hang up on me? Oh no you didn’t!!! I was SO pissed off she was lucky we weren’t face to face! So now it’s after 7:00 and I have NO medication and I have no idea what the h*ll is going on. I pull in the drive way and collapse into the house. Throw some food at the kids and get some jammies on the baby. I figure hooking up my new printer would cheer me up. Wrong..what now??? My mouse is going crazy! I ask the big boys if they were having problems with the mouse? “No mom it was just fine for me” one says. And then “Oh maybe it’s because some juice spilled on it” GROAN!! Come on! I try to clean it up with no luck. Now it won’t scroll 😡 Finally the phone rings and a doctor is calling me back. Here’s the kicker! It’s not even my pediatrician! The pharmacy called the wrong doctor!!! I don’t know how I am going to sleep tonight! I am SO angry I could spit fire!!! First thing tomorrow morning when that doctor’s office opens I will be calling! And oh boy are they in for an earful! God please guide my words, ’cause if not I don’t know what I’ll say 😉