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Where Am I?


Well I feel like I’m in another world! I can’t believe I let so much time go by without blogging.
Let me introduced Buddy! Baby number 7 has been interesting.  This child broke the mold! He climbs on tables, escapes out the doors, sneaks out of bed and does whatever else he can to test my limits. At just 2 he is out of the crib. This makes me sad. I was hoping to keep him in as long as possible 😦


But as you can see I can still sneak in a snuggle.
I started cloth diapering this guy at just 4 months. I wish I had used cloth with all of my children. I love it!! The diapers are just adorable and much easier than expected. We still baby wear and I am a strong believer in extended rear facing. I hope to get certified as a car seat tech one day. So many people just do not install and/or buckle their children in properly. 

I have so much more to write about but will end it here……..

Until next time 🙂


Its Been Too Long……….


Well It’s been a while since I posted. A few things to update on……

Baby # 7 is another boy!!! So that makes it 6 boys and only 1 girl for us!

I am waiting to get a new van…..a 12-15 passenger van! I was in a car accident on Sept 10th and the insurance company deemed my minivan as a “total loss” – This was not how in envisioned us getting a new van but this is how it’s happening 🙂

School has started and I am enjoying my quiet days with just Jo-Jo and Gus at home. I decided to hold off on kindergarten for Jo-Jo. He just isn’t ready and honestly neither am I lol!

So now I’m just trying to relax and take it easy before our new bundle of joy arrives

Just Take It Easy


So Hubby finally told my MIL I was pregnant. Guess what she said??? “Tell her to take it easy because I can’t come up and help out this time” What???? Like I did anything to make my own water break!!!! Seriously?!?! As if I put myself in that situation. Gosh the nerve of that woman. pPROM happens for many reasons. They never did figure out what caused my water to break at 28 weeks. It just did. But believe you me if there was something I could do that would cause it I would not do it!!! Actually I was taking it easy when it happened. Just the week before I was in the hospital with contractions. So nothing could have stopped it….not even “taking it easy”!!!!!

Let’s Talk Laundry Detergent


About 2 weeks ago I started making my own laundry detergent. I had seen recipes for it before but it always seemed like so much work. Then at my MOPS group I was given an easy recipe. I added some essential oil for added scent and I have to say I love it!! With 6 kids I do quite a bit of laundry. I haven’t had to make more in the 2 weeks since I made my own. I’d say I have enough to last maybe a week more!!! So what’s my easy recipe??

Here it is: