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“D” Day


6am – Arrived at hospital 

7am – Started pitocin, 1cm dilated & 50% effaced 

8:45am – Contractions are 2 minutes apart……not super strong…..but getting in a good pattern 😉 Started the antibiotics. 

1:00pm – Nothing new…..contractions slowed a bit. Still 1cm dilated. 80% effaced and baby is -3 station. 

5:45pm – 2cm dilated….contractions are irregular. 

7:30pm – Contractions finally getting stronger!! (Hope it lasts!!) 

8:30pm – Dilated 3-4. Contractions 1 minute apart!! 

9:30pm – Baby Boy is born!!!! 2 pushes, no epidural, no episiotomy, 1 small tear 

5lbs. 17 3/4"


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy 5th Birthday Busy Bee!

Five years ago today my only daughter was born. It was a rough delivery. I went from 5 to 10 in 5 minutes. Her heart rate dropped to dangerously low numbers (40’s & 50’s) She was my first to be delivered without any pain meds. In 2-3 quick pushes she came into this world. She had her cord around her neck 3 times. I was induced 8 days before my due date. I kept saying how I felt like she was moving less. After she was born my doc said if I didn’t have her when I did she would have most likely died in the womb. She was the picture of perfect health! She nursed like a champ for 15 months. She is mommy’s little girl. She loves to help make the bed, cook, wash dishes and do the laundry (in her own way) She is sweet when she wants something and a terror if she doesn’t get hr way! I can’t believe she is 5 already!!!