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Summer Flew By!!!


In a week school will be starting. I can’t believe it!!! Our summer just flew by. Most of my days were spent driving Goober to and from football practice. He had to be there by 7am. So I pretty much did not get a summer off.

Busy Bee started cheerleading this summer. She loves it. This is something she was made for considering her very loud voice 😆 I volunteered to be the team mom. It’s a lot of work but I love it. I do best when I have something to keep me busy.

So what did we do all summer??? We got some beach days in. Hubby joined us for a few trips too. We spent a lot of time hanging in the yard and enjoying the pool. I added some new ink to my “collection” and I got my lip and eyebrow pierced. I found time to get some reading in. I read about 6 or 7 books so far. If I keep up my reading hubby will buy me a Kindle :mrgreen: I had a rough time with my mom 😦 She is not loving my new look. As of now we are not speaking to each other.

Gosh writing all this down makes my summer seem so dull! It wasn’t our most exciting summer but I have to say I enjoyed myself.

I am looking forward to school starting. Busy Bee will be in full day so hopefully I will get more done this year. I’d like to start working with Jo-Jo since he wont be in preschool and maybe get some more sewing done too. I’ve been trying to save more money with coupons and I hope to have more time to search for good deals while the kids are off in school.  I really can’t think of anything else?? I’ve just been living day by day and enjoying what I can 😉

I do hope to get some more blogging in too 😉

Pool Fun!


We got our pool put up! It was a lot of work. The big boys and I had to shovel out the rocks in the back yard. Then we got a ton (an actual TON) of top soil delivered. We spread out a nice layer and up went the pool. Hubby only helped with pushing the wheel barrow. The kids and I did all the work. We needed this pool to go up. With Gus being so young I don’t think we’ll be at the beach much (if at all) this summer. But I am ok with staying close to home. My sweet baby is all worth it 😉

Summertime Blues


Here we are on the last day of July 😥 Summer is almost over!! I feel like it just started. August is going to fly by. The first week we have VBS and it’s Ry-Guy’s birthday. After that we’ll be scrambling to get some school clothes shopping done. And during the third week of the month we will have kindergarten orientation for Chip. So there it is!!! Sigh……..