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Home Sweet Home


We have been home owners for 2 years now!! Time really does fly. I can’t believe 2 years have passed. I am so thankful for my home!!


Enjoying My Home…


I have been really enjoying my home. I rearranged the living room for Christmas and I really like it. I brought out the rocking chair I had in my bedroom and spruced it up with new cushions and matching footstool. Ahhh…I love it!! 😉 I also got a new area rug and a few new picture frames (which I have yet to hang because I’m waiting for the pictures I ordered from Snapfish) I also just got a “new” kitchen table. We have officially outgrown our old 60″ table. After a quick search on Craigslist I found our “new” table. It’s 61″ with 3 leaf sections each measuring 12″!! :mrgreen: We only put 2 in and it’s more then enough room!! Now we really mean it when we say “Pass the XYZ” LOL!! 😆

And of course the news of another baby makes everything seem new. I’ve been so sappy the past few days. Tearing up over anything and everything LOL! 😥 😆 I can’t wait to go to my first doctor’s appointment on 1/19! By then I’ll be 7 1/2 weeks so we’ll be able to hear the heartbeat.