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Day 13


Today I am 29 weeks 6 days. I had a sonogram this morning to check my fluid levels. My AFI was 4.2. At this point a c-section seems like the way things will have to go. Unless by some miracle I go into spontaneous labor and go quickly. But the reality is that we are waiting for the baby to show signs of distress and I will be taken immediately for a c-section. Sadly hubby will most likely miss the birth due to how far we live from the hospital. 😥 I’m getting myself prepared for this to happen so that it will not be so emotionally shocking if/when it does happen. If I do get to delivery vaginally I will be thrilled but at this point it is all about the baby and what is best for him.


Wrong Information – pPROM


Being on bed rest and having lots of extra time means I spend a lot of time on the computer. Much of my time is spent doing research on pre-term premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) It is very annoying to read inaccurate information. I do have to say this incorrect info is coming from message boards. But there are people out there that rely on the web to give them information. One of the biggest incorrect things I come across is that most people assume that once your water breaks you must deliver in 24 hours. That is not always the case. Especially in cases of PPROM. If the woman is not in labor and not showing signs of infections the doctors try to keep you pregnant as long as possible. IV antibiotics are given and the mom and baby are monitored for signs of problems. I have read about pregnancies being carried to term with PPROM. So if you are doing research on PPROM be careful about the information you read – especially on message boards!!!

Can I Turn Back Time??


Pretty please with sugar on top? I’ll be good I promise!!!

If only…….Sigh. There are a few things in particular that I wish I could go back and change. This whole pre-term PROM for one. And a few other things I will not go into. Damn I hate having so much free time. All I do is run things through my head. It’s very exhausting especially when there is nothing I can do about the thoughts that plague me. Hopefully putting it down in words will help me to get it out of my head!!!

Tomorrow I go for another sonogram. Fingers crossed that the baby is still head down!!!

I Miss My Kids


These next few weeks are going to be the hardest weeks of my life. My kiddos cannot come see me because they haven’t had the H1N1 vaccine. Hubby looked into getting it for them but they will need 2 doses 4 weeks apart!!! By the time they are protected I will (hopefully) be ready to come home. My doc said if I don’t go into labor or have any problems by 34 weeks they will induce me. So I am looking at the end of March before I will be able to see my kids.( Unless I have the baby before then.) Then add to it that I am in a hospital 40 minutes from home. My mom has limited time to take off of work. Hubby is applying for the Family Leave Act but that can take a few weeks to kick in. My mother in-law may come up from South Carolina to help. The thought of her in my house while I’m not there makes my skin crawl. But what can I do?? I know, I know it is silly to worry about things I cannot control. But all I have is time. If hubby gets here for an hour a day that’s a lot. He has to take care of the kids. So it’s just me alone in a hospital room with crappy tv and my computer.