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Ordinary Days – Amazing Moments


There is nothing better than the everyday moments. They are so routine that they don’t seem like anything special. But they are oh so very special. These are the things that give your kids their sense of security. They know what will happen. No surprises. These are the moments that make me feel like a real mom. My favorite is the morning rush. Let me draw a picture of my morning:

6am and Jo-Jo climbs into bed with me. As I nurse Gus Jo-Jo snuggles with me. In a bit Chip and Busy Bee join us. After Gus is done eating I get up and change his diaper and we all head into the kitchen. We are followed by our furry friends. Mickey is jumping up and down as I put Gus in his bouncy seat and Max is rubbing himself on my legs. After getting Gus settled I feed these furry friends. I then turn on my Keurig coffee maker and we start figuring out what breakfast will be for the day. I do not have a set time to eat or a set meal for breakfast. The kiddos choose between waffles, cereal, instant oatmeal or bagels. For a few minutes I am a short order cook – then it gets quiet as the little ones start eating. This is when I brew my coffee. I then settle into my chair and sip my coffee as I read the local paper.

It is all so mundane that it may not seem like much to some. But for me it is the best. Every morning (just about 😉 ) I find such great satisfaction in this busy, everyday moment.


My Morning……


Let me start by saying I have a killer sore throat from allergy post-nasal drip!

I started my day around 6:45am (after getting up every 2 hours or so to nurse Gus) Goober was getting ready to leave for school. I turned on my Keurig coffee maker and put away the dishes while my cup of hazelnut coffee brewed. I sat down at the table and sipped my coffee while nursing the baby and paging through the local paper. All the while I was being graced by Busy Bee with her made up dance routine (which seemed to be an endless series of  twists & turns) After Gus was full & content I put him in the swing to hang out. I took the opportunity of free time and did a quick workout. After I showered and dressed I was asked to play a game of toss. We also took turns tossing the ball into an empty box. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself 😉 This went on until Gus woke up and needed to eat again. After Gus was finished eating I made an early lunch for myself & the little ones.

At some point I also tossed in a load of wash, fixed breakfast for the little ones, cleaned the bathroom and changed diapers.

Day 32


Yawn……Even though I’m on bed rest the time change has affected me. I was so not hungry when breakfast arrived at 7:40am (which was 6:40am to me) It threw off the time I was monitored as well. 

Hubby came up early today with the kids. Guess what he brought me?? A 5 cup coffee maker for my room 😀 !!!! As soon as I got back to my room I opened it up and brewed 2 cleaning cycles so that it would be ready for a yummy cup of coffee after lunch 😉 This will definitely help make the rest of my bed rest more pleasant (as well as my attitude 😉 ) 

Comforts from home


Where Does He Put It???


Yesterday at breakfast JoJo had his usual serving of 1 nice sized pancake (about the size of my hand!!) Chip & Busy Bee were requesting a second pancake and JoJo followed their request with his own. I served another thinking he would not finish the entire thing. Well I was wrong. He polished that off. After eating that 2nd pancake he got out of his seat and grabbed a bowl. He then asks for “fwoooot woops”! I’m thinking he doesn’t really want the cereal and I ignore him for a moment. He continues to insist! So to appease him I put a few in the bowl. He takes one look and says again quite loudly “fwoooot woops”!!! So what the heck I pour him a full bowl. All the while I am thinking there is no way this 2 year old will eat that after 2 large pancakes! I can’t even eat that much and I’m pregnant lol!!! He eats every last “woop” and requests another bowl!! Now I know there are times in a child’s life (such as the toddler & teen years) when they require more calories/food but a second bowl??? Okay….why not right? I serve this second bowl and watch in amazement as this little guy eats every last “fwoooot woop” from that bowl!



I had a very bad day yesterday! Hubby & I got into a huge fight 😦 Over what?? Who the heck knows!!! I think it was Satan. Just the night before I was at church talking with my pastor about the rapture. I was saying how I was worried about my whole family not being together should that day be near. I asked my pastor and a few friends to pray for my hubby. So of course as soon as hubby wakes up he’s in a bad mood. It goes from bad to worse in seconds flat. It took us the entire day to really get things straightened out.

Friday starts off early – again!! (The baby got up way to early.) I let hubby sleep not wanting a repeat of the previous day 😉 The big kids head off to school. I’m getting the little ones settled. All is well. Then hubby stumbles out into the living room. We spend some quiet time watching the news. (I guess neither one of us wanted to talk yet lol!!) Then hubby suggests breakfast at IHOP! 🙂 Yea! All is well. We had a very nice meal out. Then we ran to Target to pick up a few things. After we get home there’s a message on the answering machine – our tax rebate check is ready..come pick it up!! 🙂 Double YEA!!!