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It’s NO Big Deal!!!


I have been in the hospital on bed rest for over a month now. Part of my daily routine testing is being put on the monitor 3 times a day. For about 2 weeks or so I have been hooking myself up. I’d much rather do this myself then be interrupted yet another time. It is not difficult at all…especially since I know where the baby is. But boy oh boy is this pissing off some of my nurses!! I really don’t see why?? Now none of them have come right out and said they do not want me doing this (I dare them) but they are making “jokes” about me getting paid for doing their job. Or they say things like “Just page me when you are ready to go on the monitor” Now let me explain how the antepartum floor is set up. We have as many as 5 patients and only 1 nurse to care for all of us. So I am doing them a favor right? Well really I’m not doing it to help them. I’m doing it so that I have one less time of being poked and prodded 😉 But either way…It’s NO big deal!!!!!


Day 24 – 5AM


Ugh…..I am so annoyed!! 😡 It is 5am and I am awake! Why? Last night I had one of the “by the book” nurses come on shift. My doc wants me monitored every 6 hours. So she comes in my room at 7:30pm and informs me she will hook me up at 8:30pm then again at 3:30am. Huh?? 😕 I told her that the other nurses let me sleep through the night and then monitor me around 7:30am. She then suggested “stretching” it out until 5am. I told her to do what she had to do (Hopefully she is not working all weekend!!) So in she comes at 2:50am. After my hour was up I tried to go back to sleep but I just couldn’t.

Another thing that is annoying me is the fact that my MIL is coming up to help hubby out so he can go back to work until the baby is born. It is no secret that I do not like my in-laws. And the thought of my MIL in my house irks me to no end. She’s a smoker and she will bring the kids outside to “play” so she can have a cigarette 😡 Plus she is a terrible cook. My poor kids!! And then to make this entire situation even worse is the fact that when I finally do get to come home she will be there! After not being home for weeks the last thing I want is to come home and not be able to relax. My “plan” is to tell hubby she has to leave by April 3 which is a Saturday. My doc said if I don’t go into labor and the baby is doing good he will induce me on April 2 (I told him I do not want an April Fool’s baby 😆 ) So if I have the baby on Friday I can go home late Saturday or early Sunday and my MIL will not be there 😉 Now this will only work out if the baby stays put and my hubby has the guts to tell his mom to go home.