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Day 37


I am officially DONE!! I am checking myself out AMA this afternoon after hubby gets off of work. I am already packed up and ready to go. I cannot sit in this hospital another night! If the high risk doc has his way I only have 5 days left anyway!! I need to go home before I have this baby!!

Sigh….I have no idea what these next few days will bring. But I can say without a doubt I will be one happy mama! :mrgreen:

Edited to add: I had my last sonogram today. AFI was 9!! The baby was very active!!


Day 35


Happy Birthday to Me!!!

This will certainly be a birthday I will never forget! My mom came by for a surprise visit this morning with a bunch of balloons 😀 It was a very nice visit! I also had 2 of my nurses come in and sing happy birthday to me.

I had a sonogram today. My AFI was 7 and the BPP was 8/8. They estimated the baby now weighs 4 lbs. 6 oz.

Day 30


It’s a new day complete with a new look for my blog 😀 After doing a little switching around with my blog I am now feeling much better 😉 Hopefully my bugs have been taken care of.

Hubby came up this morning and brought me a coffee. He was able to do that thanks to my MIL being at home to watch the little ones. Hubby will head back to work on Monday.

I had another sonogram today. My AFI is up to 7.8!! :mrgreen: The BPP was 8/8. The baby is looking GREAT!! He is SO active!

Day 28 – 4 Weeks


I am 32 weeks today!!! It has been 4 weeks since my water broke. I had a sonogram this afternoon. My AFI was 7.4 😯 :mrgreen: !!!! That is more then when my water first broke!!!! Of course his BPP was 8/8. The high risk doc said he recommends being induced by 34 weeks. My doc is saying 35 weeks. I guess it all depends on how well the baby is doing. So it looks like I may only have 2 weeks left? Only time will tell 😉

I have to say that I can’t wait to meet this baby. He has proven to be such a feisty little fighter. He is the most active in the womb then all my other kiddos. When the sonogram tech went over his foot he made sure to give her a nice kick each and every time. 😆

DAY 16


I woke up at 4am and I was soaking wet!! When I went for my sonogram they said my amniotic level (AFI) was down to 1.1 😯 My doc keeps telling me it’s not the level of fluid that is the issue. It’s how well the baby is doing. Well the baby is doing great!! Every time they look at his monitoring strip they say how well he’s doing. He is even doing better than babies that are “older” than him! So now it’s just waiting for something to happen. I go back for another sonogram on Monday.