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Its Been Too Long……….


Well It’s been a while since I posted. A few things to update on……

Baby # 7 is another boy!!! So that makes it 6 boys and only 1 girl for us!

I am waiting to get a new van…..a 12-15 passenger van! I was in a car accident on Sept 10th and the insurance company deemed my minivan as a “total loss” – This was not how in envisioned us getting a new van but this is how it’s happening 🙂

School has started and I am enjoying my quiet days with just Jo-Jo and Gus at home. I decided to hold off on kindergarten for Jo-Jo. He just isn’t ready and honestly neither am I lol!

So now I’m just trying to relax and take it easy before our new bundle of joy arrives


Let’s Talk Laundry Detergent


About 2 weeks ago I started making my own laundry detergent. I had seen recipes for it before but it always seemed like so much work. Then at my MOPS group I was given an easy recipe. I added some essential oil for added scent and I have to say I love it!! With 6 kids I do quite a bit of laundry. I haven’t had to make more in the 2 weeks since I made my own. I’d say I have enough to last maybe a week more!!! So what’s my easy recipe??

Here it is:


Lucky Number 7


Looks like we will be adding to our family!!! Lucky # 7 is due November 21, 2012!!!

I figured since I already told all my friends and family I’d share here in the blog world 🙂

Hubby and I are SO excited. At 9 weeks I already have a belly and I’m in maternity bottoms full time.

I’ve been feeling pretty good, no morning sickness. Just feeling tired and run down at times.



I Don’t Have A Witty Title For This Post!


So it’s been quite a while since I last posted. Some nights I lay in bed and compose an entry…only to forget it once I wake up. I have been pleasantly busy since school has started. I started going to MOPS again. I was a bit nervous because I knew the moms that I had problems with while I was in the hospital on bedrest would be there. But being stronger now then I was then I did it. It was a bit awkward a few times but all in all I had a great time. I also went to another MOPS group a few towns over. My friend around the corner from me invited us. So now I have 2 MOPS families 😉 Jo-Jo loves his MOPS-school as he says it.

Busy Bee’s cheer season is coming to an end. I believe we only have 2 or 3 games left 😦 We both have thoroughly enjoyed this. Next year I think I may volunteer to be a coach. She is also busy with her Daisy Scout troop. My Busy Bee truly is very busy!!

I have also been quite busy with Goober and football. Picking up from practice, dropping off at practices and games and attending what games I can. He has worked very hard at this. I feel bad that our school doesn’t have a better team. He comes home so disappointed when we don’t win 😦

Gus has been growing in leaps and bounds. He continues to amaze and amuse us. He still enjoys being worn and sleeping with mommy. It’s like he must be close enough to touch me at all times. I am not complaining tho….he very well may be our last blessing 😦 We have been busy enjoying our time at MOPS and our playgroups. There are 2 Christian playgroups we go to. It is good for Gus to play with other children while I am close by as he has a very difficult time separating from me!!!

Ry-Guy is my “slug” kid. If you look at him it seems like he is barely moving lol! He is pretty much doing the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. He is still dating the same girl since February. They mostly text and talk on the phone. He has adjusted as well as he can for high school. He is doing good in school….just not doing well in the waking-up-on-time department 😆

Let’s see who is left??? Chip!!! Well I guess he is my other “slug” kid 😆 As of now he is not doing any activities. We may start boy scouts soon? I just have to see when they meet. Hubby’s job is moving to a new location an hour away from home in the next few weeks and I’m not sure he will be home to take him to the meetings.

As for me…..I have sold a few of my carriers!! I may re-open my Etsy store soon. I’m taking my time on deciding…don’t want to stress myself out. We have also started going back to church.The time was right for us. It feels good to be back. Right now I am in a very good place. I am enjoying each moment as best as I can. I know that at any moment it can all come crashing down (not that I am wishing for that!!)

Birth Stats


I read a post over at Too Many Kids…. about birth stats. I thought it would be neat to do my own 😉

Baby #1
Gender: Boy
Due date: Feb. 9, 1995
Birthdate: Feb. 16, 1995
Delivery Type: normal (not c-section)
Epidural: Yes
labor: 17 hours
Birth time: 3:22 am
Birth weight: 8 lbs. 9 oz.
Height: 20 inches

Baby #2
Gender: Boy
Due date: July 31, 1996
Birthdate: Aug. 7, 1996
Delivery Type: normal (not c-section)
Epidural: Yes
labor: 11 hours
Birth time: 5:28 am
Birth weight: 8 lbs. 7 oz.
Height: 20 inches

Baby #3
Gender: Boy
Due date: Sept. 19, 2003
Birthdate: Sept. 18, 2003
Delivery Type: normal –  induction due to possible large baby
Epidural: Yes
labor: 7 hours
Birth time: 3:06 pm
Birth weight: 7 lbs. 13 oz
Height: 19 1/2 inches

Baby #4
Gender: Girl
Due date: March 13, 2005
Birthdate: March 5, 2005
Delivery Type: normal –  induction due to my requests – *see note*
Epidural: No
labor: 6  hours and 30 minutes
Birth time: 2:33 pm
Birth weight: 7 lbs.  1 oz
Height: 19  inches
*I just knew there was something wrong, after my repeated requests the OB induced me. Minutes before she was born here heart rate dropped – the cord was around her neck 3 times – after she was safe in my arms the OB said if I had gone full term she most likely would have been born still!

Baby #5
Gender: Boy
Due date: Sept. 7, 2007
Birthdate: Sept. 12, 2007
Delivery Type: normal  induction due to my request
Epidural: No
labor: 3 hours and 15 minutes
Birth time: 10:45 am
Birth weight: 8 lbs. 2 oz.
Height: 20 inches

Baby #6
Miscarriage – 11 weeks – missed M/C – required D&C

Baby #7
Miscarriage – 6 weeks – Natural at home

Baby #8
Gender: Boy
Due date: May 5, 2010
Birth date: March 24, 2010 – 6 weeks early & 6 weeks after my water broke @ 28 weeks
Delivery type: induction
Epidural: no
Labor: 14 hours & 30 minutes
Birth time: 9:30 pm
Birth weight: 5 lbs.
Length: 17 3/4  inches

Ordinary Days – Amazing Moments


There is nothing better than the everyday moments. They are so routine that they don’t seem like anything special. But they are oh so very special. These are the things that give your kids their sense of security. They know what will happen. No surprises. These are the moments that make me feel like a real mom. My favorite is the morning rush. Let me draw a picture of my morning:

6am and Jo-Jo climbs into bed with me. As I nurse Gus Jo-Jo snuggles with me. In a bit Chip and Busy Bee join us. After Gus is done eating I get up and change his diaper and we all head into the kitchen. We are followed by our furry friends. Mickey is jumping up and down as I put Gus in his bouncy seat and Max is rubbing himself on my legs. After getting Gus settled I feed these furry friends. I then turn on my Keurig coffee maker and we start figuring out what breakfast will be for the day. I do not have a set time to eat or a set meal for breakfast. The kiddos choose between waffles, cereal, instant oatmeal or bagels. For a few minutes I am a short order cook – then it gets quiet as the little ones start eating. This is when I brew my coffee. I then settle into my chair and sip my coffee as I read the local paper.

It is all so mundane that it may not seem like much to some. But for me it is the best. Every morning (just about 😉 ) I find such great satisfaction in this busy, everyday moment.