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7 Months, School & So Much More!!


My sweet little guy is 7 months already! Where oh where has the time gone??  At 7 months he still fits comfortably in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes. He does wear some 6-9 month clothes but these are hand-me-downs and I’m sure they are not true to size 😉

School……we we are so busy with all things school. Getting clothes ready the night before, doing homework and packing lunches and snacks. Oh and we can’t forget all the days we are supposed to wear a certain color item of clothing or show-n-tell. School has thoroughly consumed my house!!!

And the so much more?? Well I am proud to say that I have gotten my very first dishwasher! Yes that is correct……I have never ever had a dishwasher (other than my oldest son 😆 ) It is a small portable model that I must run twice a day but I am not complaining. I just LOVE it! I feel so free to use my dishes and not fret over having a sink full of dirty dishes!

We have also gotten some “new” furniture! A so very me plaid sofa, love seat & chair. Our old set was 11 years old and definitely showing its age. With our new furniture comes new rules: NO eating in the livingroom and NO dogs on the furniture.

Yup that’s right I said DOGS!! We have a new member to our family. Maggie a sweet black poodle puppy. As if my house wasn’t crazy enough 😆 She was in desperate need of a home and I couldn’t say no.




Mickey & Maggie

Mickey & Maggie



Ordinary Days – Amazing Moments


There is nothing better than the everyday moments. They are so routine that they don’t seem like anything special. But they are oh so very special. These are the things that give your kids their sense of security. They know what will happen. No surprises. These are the moments that make me feel like a real mom. My favorite is the morning rush. Let me draw a picture of my morning:

6am and Jo-Jo climbs into bed with me. As I nurse Gus Jo-Jo snuggles with me. In a bit Chip and Busy Bee join us. After Gus is done eating I get up and change his diaper and we all head into the kitchen. We are followed by our furry friends. Mickey is jumping up and down as I put Gus in his bouncy seat and Max is rubbing himself on my legs. After getting Gus settled I feed these furry friends. I then turn on my Keurig coffee maker and we start figuring out what breakfast will be for the day. I do not have a set time to eat or a set meal for breakfast. The kiddos choose between waffles, cereal, instant oatmeal or bagels. For a few minutes I am a short order cook – then it gets quiet as the little ones start eating. This is when I brew my coffee. I then settle into my chair and sip my coffee as I read the local paper.

It is all so mundane that it may not seem like much to some. But for me it is the best. Every morning (just about 😉 ) I find such great satisfaction in this busy, everyday moment.

The Day Went Better Then Expected ;)


Oh boy am I glad the day didn’t keep at the pace it started 😉 It actually got much nicer. The big boys helped my hubby shovel out the cars & walkways. Then we put the little ones out for a bit. JoJo was so funny! He couldn’t even walk the snow was so deep (we got about 1 foot of snow!!) And Mickey was only able to hop from place to place! The kids had fun…and I got a quiet house for a little while 😉 Busy Bee seems to be feeling better. No more “splats” (I know gross right?? lol) Once I put JoJo in for his nap the day got even better. I vegged out and watched some corny movie on LMN 😳 Then we enjoyed some yummy chicken stew w/ biscuits for dinner! 🙂 I’m going to brew some coffee and sit and relax until the little ones go to bed. Oooh off topic…but I finally got a negative hpt test the other day! So that means my hormones are getting back to normal. Hopefully we’ll be expecting again soon 😉


To Tree or Not To Tree…That’s The Question!!


Normally I’d have my Christmas tree up by now. But this year I am dreading it. 5 kids – 3 dogs – Need I say more??? 😯 And there’s the dilemma of where to put it. I love to sit and enjoy it but if I can see it so can the kids & dogs LOL! A friend suggested a small table top tree. But then there’s still the dilemma of where to put it. Plus I’d have to buy one. And if you’ve read my blog you’d know we barely have money for gifts let alone a new tree. So the question is tree – yes or no? Where & when?

Up, Down & Sideways


I don’t know where I am!! LOL! The kids had off of school the past few days. Then hubby was on a different shift. I have been all over with my emotions! One minute things are great. Everyone is being good, no fighting, all is well. Then all of a sudden JoJo is crying, Ry-Guy and Chip are fighting, Busy Bee is bugging me to go outside (it’s been raining), Moogy doesn’t want to go outside (it’s been raining), hubby comes home and starts complaining about the house being messy. Remember all 5 kids have been home for the past few days & it’s been raining. Of course the house will be messy!! So every time I think I’m going to sit down and blog something comes up! So far today has been ok. (It’s still damp & rainy tho.) But’s it’s early and the kids are still sleepy…..