NICU – Day 4


We had another great day in the NICU again!! I was able to physically nurse Gus!! He did great. He didn’t have a strong rooting reflex but that is because of his age and the fact that he just began to start eating. He nursed for a good 10 minutes. His nurse said after 24 feedings his IV should be able to come out. This is one more step closer we are to coming home 😉 He was also in a regular bed and not under the warming lights. This means he is able to maintain his body temp! If things keep progressing at this rate he will be home by mid-week :mrgreen:

Today’s weight:  4lbs. 12.72oz.

I am also happy to say MIL has gone home!!! Yes her help was needed and much appreciated. But it was getting a bit much having her here. Plus my FIL had developed an ulcer while she was gone and she needs to be home to care for him.


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