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Mirror, Mirror……


For some reason I’ve been very weepy the past few days? This is so out of nowhere too. I’ve been feeling pretty good. Nothing too major going on. Well there is the fact that school is starting soon. But that has me HAPPY not sad lol!!! I feel like I’m looking at things through a mirror….this is so backwards right now?!?!


Trying Hard…..


And I feel like I am failing!!! I am really trying hard not to let my emotions rule my day. I am trying hard not to even feel the way I have been feeling. But I feel like I am losing the battle. I can’t stop 😥 Ugh…this is the last thing I want right now. The last way I need to be. Yet I find myself back at that all too familiar spot. The place I hate to be. The place I seem to find….as much as I try to avoid it! The down in the dumps nobody likes me  (I’m gonna go eat worms) place!!! The place that I have found myself today. The place where all I want to do crawl into bed and never leave the house. The place with such overwhelming sadness I’m not sure I’ll see the end of it. The place where I find bitterness seeping out and anger rising up. The lonely place……I hate to be……yet here I am…..waiting for it to end…..as it always does…..just not as soon as I need……or want……..

Weepy Afternoon


Ugh…I’ve been so weepy this afternoon 😥 Not really crying…just getting all teary eyed. Over what??? TV shows (7th Heaven…come on!!!) commercials, and other blogs. Don’t get me wrong…I love 7th Heaven…it’s just not a show I’d normally cry over lol!! Sigh….it’s my hormones……I know. Tomorrow is my birthday. The best gift I could get would be a BFP!!! I’ll only be 9 DPO…but it’s still possible to get a positive that early. Can ya tell I’m anxious??? lol!!