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I’m Pregnant!!!


Officially! 🙂 I got the blood test results back. I have to go today and get them done again to make sure the numbers have doubled/increased since the last one was done. I know it’ll come back good ’cause I keep taking HPT’s and they are getting darker and darker 😉


Where Do I Begin….


On a day when I had such good news I also had some bad news. Well more like a bad thing happen, then I got the bad news!! The transmission in my van is shot! As I was driving Goober back from the doctors the engine started smoking and the engine was revving and I wasn’t going anywhere!! I was able to pull off the side of the road and call my hubby. PTL a friend was driving by and stopped. She gave us a ride home so hubby could stew in peace lol! My mom & step-dad came by and helped hubby get the van home (We were only a few blocks away) So I’ll know more next week what is going on with that. Now for the good news. I called a new OB and they said to come over right away!! They did an internal and took some blood. I’ll have the results by Monday. I took another test when I got home and it was still positive lol! I am only 3 weeks pregnant. Of course I am nervous about this. I don’t want to miscarry again. But getting a positive test at 12 DPO is a really good sign. It means the egg implanted right away…so he/she should be a keeper 😉 I’ve told 3people IRL (mom & BFF of course 😉 ) and obviously it’s here for all to read. Other then that I’ll keep it to myself for a little while. I don’t mind if people know. I just don’t want to go shouting from the rooftops just yet. Maybe once I see the heart beating……

With the van not running I’ll be home all weekend and then some. So I’ll be taking it easy…..thinking good thoughts for this baby……and counting my blessings!!

Weepy Afternoon


Ugh…I’ve been so weepy this afternoon 😥 Not really crying…just getting all teary eyed. Over what??? TV shows (7th Heaven…come on!!!) commercials, and other blogs. Don’t get me wrong…I love 7th Heaven…it’s just not a show I’d normally cry over lol!! Sigh….it’s my hormones……I know. Tomorrow is my birthday. The best gift I could get would be a BFP!!! I’ll only be 9 DPO…but it’s still possible to get a positive that early. Can ya tell I’m anxious??? lol!!