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A Little Sad


Sigh….I don’t know how else to explain how I’ve been feeling?? I’ve had a lot going on the past few days: hubby quitting smoking & being very cranky, Chip and his hernia, the anniversary of my grandma’s passing 😦 , frustration over TTC, my washer isn’t working (and I haven’t done wash in 5 days!!!) and some issues hubby has with the church I’ve been going to. I don’t know….maybe the miscarriage is catching up to me too?? Things just feel really sad for me and I’m not sure what I can do about it?? I was thinking that if I’m not pregnant hubby & I will stop trying and if it happens it happens. Who would have thought that s*x could be stressful? lol! As for the church issue I’ll be praying on that. I found a church for us to try out so maybe next weekend we’ll get around to visiting there. I have an appointment with a pediatric urologist on May 5 for Chip so that takes care of that for now. At least my washer is getting fixed tomorrow. And hopefully the nice weather we’re expecting will help me feel better? It’s supposed to get into the 80’s in the next few days (which is a big deal for NJ 😉 ) So that is my sad little story lol! Until next time…..



Cycle that is. Looks like we missed this last eggie. So…..we’re on to our next cycle.

If we succeed this month my due date will be 1/13/2010.

Fingers crossed!!!

Ups & Downs


Ok so I’m new at BBT temping. I didn’t start on time this month. Now it looks like my temp is going down. (Which prob means I’m not pregnant) But there are these “rules” to doing this and I’m not sure if I’m getting this 100% right. You’re supposed to temp about the same time everyday after a solid 3-4 hours of sleep. (Hard to do with little ones who get up in the night sometimes) You’re supposed to wear the same pj’s or similar pj’s every night (I wore short sleeves last night instead of long sleeves like the past few weeks) You should keep the room at the same temperature every night (I slept with the window open last night) And when you do take your temp you should move as little as possible before & during (I was awake on and off most of last night and tossed and turned all night) Sooooo….I’m not sure if the drop in my temp is because of all I’ve done or not done or if it’s a true indicator that I’m not pregnant??? Today 10 DPO – BFN 😦

Heavy Heart


What an emotalional weekend I’m having. I can’t say it is one specific thing that is making me emotional. Actually I don’t really know what is making me feel this way. I feel kinda sad. It’s the kind of feeling that feels like a very heavy weight on your heart. Maybe it’s the hormonal ups and downs. Maybe it’s the undue stress I’m putting on myself & my hubby to have another baby. What ever it is I can’t seem to shake it. I went to the alter this morning with hopes of leaving those feelings behind. But they seemed to have followed me home. Maybe I’m supposed to have them? I don’t know. I just pray for this to pass and for wisdom to follow.