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Remembering Baby


One year ago today I miscarried. I was only 5 weeks & 6 days but it was enough time to leave an imprint on my heart.


Land Of The Lost


Well that is where I feel like I am. Lost. I don’t know why this has happened. I don’t understand why it happened to ME! Well lesson learned. “IF” I should get pregnant again I am NOT telling anyone until I go into labor. Well maybe not that long….. 😆 Emotionally I am pretty numb. I am just waiting to get through this. Physically I am healing too. The cramping has slowed down…not as painful as the other day. I feel like this entire year so far has been wasted. I found out I was pregnant with Job on New Year’s Eve. From then until Feb. 12th things were pretty good. But from the morning of Feb 13th my life has been a wreck. I am angry about the time that has been lost. I wish I never got pregnant with Job. I’d rather have the yearning for a baby then the ache of two losses.