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My Baby Is Growing Up!!!


Last night JoJo spent his first night in his big boy bed. It went good until about 4am when he fell out. I know he should have bed rails. But the bed is the bottom bunk of a metal frame bed and traditional bed rails will not work. So after picking him back up and tucking him in he went right back to sleep….NOT 😆 He thought it was wake up time! So I told him it was night-night time and to go back to sleep. After a little fussing he quieted down and was back to sleep.

Quick update on the potty training: I’d say JoJo is about 90% trained. He is not dry through the night yet and he seems to have an accident between 4-6 pm. I will take the blame for that tho. It is such a crazy time here. I am running out to pick up Goober from wrestling and then I come home and get dinner started. After dinner is done I clean up the kitchen and put the food away. By the time I remember it’s been a while since JoJo has gone potty he is wet 😳


Potty Training Progress


Day 2: 2 accidents

Day 3: 1 accident

JoJo is doing good. We made 2 trips out wearing undies 🙂 . The accident he had on day 3 I will count as my fault. It was right after I picked up Goober from wrestling and I was busy getting dinner ready.

Potty Training Has Begun!!


Yes it is that time. I have started the process with JoJo. It had been on my mind for quite some time but I just kept putting it off. Then over the weekend I found my stash of cotton training pants. I didn’t get started until later in the day yesterday. He stayed dry for a long time. Every time I asked if he had to go potty he said “No thank you” 😆 Then later he comes to me walking a bit funny and says “Mom I got poop in there” (he says poop even when it’s not poop) So I put on another pair of undies. Bed time rolls around and before I put his diaper on for the night I ask him if he has to go potty again. We go in the bathroom and get the step stool all set up. We watch and wait. And ta-da he goes potty :mrgreen: Now it was only one time and I know it will be a while…..but we have started the process to becoming diaper free 😀