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Baby Turns 2!!!


Where oh where did the time go??? I can’t believe Gus is 2 already. I went back and reread from his birth to the 1st week of his NICU stay. I can’t even believe we went through all of that. I feels like forever ago.

Then – Image

Now – Image


Once, Twice….


A few weeks ago while Christmas shopping with my mom I ran into an old “friend”. (This was the person that I had many problems with while I was on bedrest in the hospital after my water broke.) It caught me off guard and kinda made my stomach do a little flip and my heart race. We didn’t talk. We just locked eyes, did a tight smile and kept on walking.

Flash forward……I’m dashing through Target with Gus, Busy Bee, JoJo and Goober looking for some ink for our printer. I was feeling a bit rushed because football was going to be starting and we wanted to get back in time for the game. So here I am flying through the store and who do I see???? Yup my “friend”. I wasn’t caught off guard like last time. It was sort of like “Oh it’s you” and that was it. We finished our shopping and hurried home to watch the game. But I just couldn’t get this second run-in out of my head. Yes we live near each other and it’s bound to happen. But for almost a year I didn’t see or hear from her. Then twice in the span of a few weeks and there she is.

I keep wondering if it’s coincidence or God’s plan?

I must say the pain and hurt she caused was huge! Because of this situation I stopped going to church and MOPS because she was involved and going too.  But after all I’ve been through with Gus it just isn’t worth it to hold onto that hurt. When I saw her both times my first feeling wasn’t anger…..it was surprise!

So now what??

Where Did The Year Go??


I cannot believe this year is almost over. It just flew by!!! I started the year pregnant and I am ending the year with a very busy 9 month old!!!

Highlights from the year – both good & bad:

Tons of snow

 My water breaking @ 28 weeks during one of the bad snowfalls

6 weeks of hospital bed rest

Baby Gus is born March 24, 2010 at 9:30 pm – 5lbs. 17 3/4″

7 days in the NICU for Gus 😦

Baby Firsts: smile, rolling over, solid food, creeping/crawling & pulling up

A quiet summer spent mostly at home (rare for me)

Busy Bee started kindergarten……sniff……

Maggie May joined our family

My oldest Goober broke his leg/ankle November 12th

And finally Christmas!!!!

It was a good year. One of the best yet. Gus has truly changed me. I am no longer a ball of stress and self-doubt. I cherish every moment I have with my children. I thank God every day for my family and friends!

My wishes for 2011?

Hmmmm……I can’t think of anything!!! Just more good times with my family ❤

Things Are Finally Turning Around!!!


Well it’s about time things start going in a more positive direction for me. It felt like that black cloud would follow me forever! But now that I am through my whole pregnancy ordeal I am feeling better. My household seems to be improving as well. We are finally getting ahead financially. What a good feeling. Emotionally I have been feeling good. I know it’s still early but I am hopeful that I will not fall prey to the grip of postpartum depression. All in all things are looking up :mrgreen:


My shining light, my antidepressant, my blessing

NICU – Day 7 – Last Day


Gus has been discharged!! No more hospital, no more doctors, no more nurses, no more traveling an hour each way to visit. Gus’s last day was a busy day. He was circumcised in the morning and he received his RSV vaccine just before he was discharged.  

Today’s weight: 5lbs. 1.13oz.  


Going home!!!


NICU – Day 6 (Special Care Nursery)


Last night Gus’s IV was removed. Along with the removal of the IV he also received a new address at the hospital. You can now find this little guy on Sesame Street in the Special Care Nursery!!! When hubby & I arrived today we found our super star free from the phototherapy lights and without his “cool” baby shades 😆 I was also able to nurse him without being hooked up to all the machines. His nurse said his bilirubin levels will be checked tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed…..if the numbers are good he will be coming home!! The only other thing that needs to be done is his circumcision. 

Today’s Weight: 4lbs. 15oz.