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Trying Hard…..


And I feel like I am failing!!! I am really trying hard not to let my emotions rule my day. I am trying hard not to even feel the way I have been feeling. But I feel like I am losing the battle. I can’t stop 😥 Ugh…this is the last thing I want right now. The last way I need to be. Yet I find myself back at that all too familiar spot. The place I hate to be. The place I seem to find….as much as I try to avoid it! The down in the dumps nobody likes me  (I’m gonna go eat worms) place!!! The place that I have found myself today. The place where all I want to do crawl into bed and never leave the house. The place with such overwhelming sadness I’m not sure I’ll see the end of it. The place where I find bitterness seeping out and anger rising up. The lonely place……I hate to be……yet here I am…..waiting for it to end…..as it always does…..just not as soon as I need……or want……..