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Does It Really Just Happen??


I am in such a mood. Yesterday my mom was supposed to come over to watch the kids. I had an appointment to get my newest tattoo touched up. Well she called me 20 minutes before my appointment to let me know she wasn’t going to come over!! She was tired after a trip to AC with my sister. Well she could have called me in the morning to let me know….not 20 minutes before I had to be at the shop. Then she called today (I didn’t answer the phone) and in her message she said she was sorry but things like that “just happen”. Seriously?!? So she just happened to end up in AC? No she made an effort to get there. If she had called me earlier I could have made other arrangements for a sitter. But with such short notice I was forced to reschedule. The reason this bothers me so much is because my mom does this often. She keeps me waiting when she says she’ll be “right over” and she will call last minute to change plans. I don’t think it’s fair to do that to people. That is why I make an effort to not do that to other people 😉 So now I am in such a funky bad mood and I cannot shake it!!!! 👿

Here is the tattoo I was going to get touched up:

Left shoulder


Trying Hard…..


And I feel like I am failing!!! I am really trying hard not to let my emotions rule my day. I am trying hard not to even feel the way I have been feeling. But I feel like I am losing the battle. I can’t stop 😥 Ugh…this is the last thing I want right now. The last way I need to be. Yet I find myself back at that all too familiar spot. The place I hate to be. The place I seem to find….as much as I try to avoid it! The down in the dumps nobody likes me  (I’m gonna go eat worms) place!!! The place that I have found myself today. The place where all I want to do crawl into bed and never leave the house. The place with such overwhelming sadness I’m not sure I’ll see the end of it. The place where I find bitterness seeping out and anger rising up. The lonely place……I hate to be……yet here I am…..waiting for it to end…..as it always does…..just not as soon as I need……or want……..