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Is The Day Over Yet??


Ugh…what a day and it’s not even 9am yet!! I was woken up by Busy Bee at 3am telling me she is thirsty. Then seconds later hearing that “splat” knowing it’s not water on the floor!! So I clean her up. Say a prayer of thanks that she wasn’t in my bed at the time and get her tucked into bed. Sigh…I can’t sleep!! So I switch on the tv and watch an old episode of the Brady Bunch!! Just after I’ve fallen asleep I hear “Mooom” Ugh…this time it’s from Chip. He’s wet his bed 😕 Seriously?? I just fell asleep!! So I drag my butt out of bed and get him re-dressed and strip his bed. This time I’m saying a prayer of thanks that JoJo (even though he was awakened) doesn’t cry and quietly watches me make the bed!! Ahh…4:30am and I’m back in bed. It feels like I blink my eyes and morning is here. Bright white, lots of snow, still snowing, cold, windy morning!!! As I’m enjoying the last seconds of my warm bed my hubby reminds me he needs his work clothes washed and dried 😯 Groan…I drag myself downstairs to the laundry room and switch up the laundry. Fast forward (only because I can’t remember what I did after that 😉 !) and here I am sitting at my cpu. It’s gonna be a loooong day home with 5 kiddos!!!