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Snow Storms, Stomach Bugs & Smiles


Well my hopes for less snow this winter have been dashed. We’ve had a few good storms that dropped a lot of snow.

Chip & Jo Jo on a 4-5 foot bank

There IS a car under there.....I think? 😯

God's beauty can be found everywhere.....you just have to look

We were also hit with the stomach bug  😦  Gus was the first one to get it. Then it hit JoJo and the last one to have it was Ry-Guy. It was a quick bug to pass through and it only lasted 1 -1 1/2 days. PTL none of the other kiddos got it.
Through all of this chaos we’ve still had our smiles and fun 🙂
Yes Gus is wearing a Christmas bib – 😆

JoJo and Busy Bee acting silly

Morning madness


Ok not a smile but an adorable pic of Gus!!!



Oh My Goodness!!!


I am so sick today! Looks like Busy Bee gave me her stomach bug 😦 I haven’t “gotten sick” since before Chip was born over 5 years ago!! It is so terrible. I wasn’t able to get out of bed all day. Ya know….when the little ones are sick they make it look so easy!! One minute they’re vomiting…the next they’re off playing!! 😕 I wish I could feel even half as great!! PTL the big boys had no school again today. So they were able to help me out with the little ones so I could rest. As of now I’m feeling better then this morning…but I’m still feeling very queasy 😦 Ok I’m back to bed…Hopefully I’ll feel better soon??