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7 Months, School & So Much More!!


My sweet little guy is 7 months already! Where oh where has the time gone??  At 7 months he still fits comfortably in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes. He does wear some 6-9 month clothes but these are hand-me-downs and I’m sure they are not true to size 😉

School……we we are so busy with all things school. Getting clothes ready the night before, doing homework and packing lunches and snacks. Oh and we can’t forget all the days we are supposed to wear a certain color item of clothing or show-n-tell. School has thoroughly consumed my house!!!

And the so much more?? Well I am proud to say that I have gotten my very first dishwasher! Yes that is correct……I have never ever had a dishwasher (other than my oldest son 😆 ) It is a small portable model that I must run twice a day but I am not complaining. I just LOVE it! I feel so free to use my dishes and not fret over having a sink full of dirty dishes!

We have also gotten some “new” furniture! A so very me plaid sofa, love seat & chair. Our old set was 11 years old and definitely showing its age. With our new furniture comes new rules: NO eating in the livingroom and NO dogs on the furniture.

Yup that’s right I said DOGS!! We have a new member to our family. Maggie a sweet black poodle puppy. As if my house wasn’t crazy enough 😆 She was in desperate need of a home and I couldn’t say no.




Mickey & Maggie

Mickey & Maggie