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Whispers Of The Heart


I’ve been feeling pretty sentimental the past few days. After reading a very emotional blog entry about breastfeeding over at Raising Arrows I started to look at my feeding sessions with Gus in a new light. I’ve always enjoyed nursing my babies but I could get a little impatient when I had to stop what I was doing so that I could breastfeed.

Reading Emily’s Story I was in tears.  Two dates jumped out at me while reading that heartbreaking entry. The first was Feb. 10, 2008.  My water broke exactly 2 years later. I was  just 28 weeks along.  And the second was Feb. 14, 2008. Exactly one year later was the day my sweet baby Job Andrew went to be with the Lord.

All of this combined with the reconnecting with and old friend and the upcoming one year anniversary of the dates I mentioned earlier has had me feeling quite emotional. The good emotional 🙂

I don’t know how to tie this up. Usually I wait until I can find something witty or profound to say……but I think I’ll end it like this. Until next time.


Heavy Heart


What an emotalional weekend I’m having. I can’t say it is one specific thing that is making me emotional. Actually I don’t really know what is making me feel this way. I feel kinda sad. It’s the kind of feeling that feels like a very heavy weight on your heart. Maybe it’s the hormonal ups and downs. Maybe it’s the undue stress I’m putting on myself & my hubby to have another baby. What ever it is I can’t seem to shake it. I went to the alter this morning with hopes of leaving those feelings behind. But they seemed to have followed me home. Maybe I’m supposed to have them? I don’t know. I just pray for this to pass and for wisdom to follow.