My Baby Was Barely A Baby!!


I feel really cheated. With Gus being born early it seemed like it took forever for him to be a “baby” Then all of a sudden he’s not a baby anymore. He no longer eats baby food, he doesn’t sit in the bouncy seat, he refuses to use the exersaucer, he’s out of the infant car seat and now rear facing in the convertible car seat and I just packed away the baby bathtub 😥 In 2 weeks my “baby” will be one. Where has th time gone??

(I don’t really feel cheated, I cherish every moment with my children. This was just an observation on how un-baby my baby has been 😆 )


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  1. Hi Chrissy!

    This post made me feel very scared and sad. You know I was cheated out of a trimester too. However, I have felt the way you feel with each of my children and absolutely hate the feeling. Wish I could just enjoy where we are all the time and not dread being babyless.

    Glad you don’t really feel “cheated”. How blessed you are to be able to cherish every day with your children.

    Hmmm…not sure this is coming off the way I intended. Not trying to complain, I just love having babies – everything about it, pregnancy, labor (I know), having a newborn… – and I know that has to end at some point and I so don’t want it to! Just been a nagging thought lately. Go away mean thought, go away! I have kiddos to play with! =)

    • Lol I love labor too. When I tell people that they look at me like I have 3 heads!! I feel like I got better with each birth.

      As for the non-baby….it seems they grow up faster with each one! 😦

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