Giving Up???


I was raised a non practicing Catholic. We (to my knowledge) never observed Lent. When I became a Christian I wasn’t sure what should be done? I asked my long time Christian friend and she said it was “optional” to give up something. Most people give up things like candy, cake, soda. My first Lent as a Christian I gave up gossip. I figured it was better than giving up  a favorite food. Since then I haven’t been consistent on giving up things. This year Lent sort of snuck up on me. I just don’t “feel it” to give something up this year. I have too many other things that I need to focus on. (reading the Bible, consistent prayer, journeling and raising my family) I guess rather than give something up I can bring something in 😉 So this year for lent I am focusing on doing more not less !!!

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