Why Do I Have Toys??


My youngest Gus is not really fond of the typical toys. In fact I cannot remember the last time he played with a “real” toy all on his own. Usually we have to “play” with it first so that it looks fun for him 😆

So  what are his favorite things to play with???

Shoes – I know gross, I don’t let him play with them – but when he gets a hold of one he is a happy camper 🙂

Paper – Another thing we don’t let him have……

Spoons – This one we let him have 😉

String – Yes I know it can be dangerous, we watch him carefully with this. He likes to “throw” the string.

The remote – The working real remote, not the broken one with no batteries 😕

Mickey’s dog tags – Our well-behaved puggle will let Gus play with his tags.

Mommy’s hair – Ouch, Gus loves to fiddle with my hair while breastfeeding

The wipees box – when changing his diaper he lunges for the wipes

 I’m sure there are a few more non-toys that he enjoys……

So why do I even bother keeping the toys, buying the toys & storing the toys? (Actually I haven’t bought many new toys for Gus.) I suppose I am hanging on to the toys for sentimental reasons since all of the other kiddos played with them. Sniff……


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  1. Oh my gosh he’s so cute! LOVE the non-toys! Timmy’s really into tags and hair right now. Not only does he like to pull, he likes to wind his little hands in it and eat my hair. Yep, lovely.

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