It’s Been Too Long!!


I have wanted to blog so many times. I even get the whole thing “written” out in my head. It just never makes out 😆

I believe I am in a new season. The” never stop running because your children are in school” season. Since school started I have been non-stop.

Busy Bee is just loving kindergarten!! She has made many new friends. Girls are so social!! Her teacher says she’s a little on the chatty side (just like her momma!!)

Chip is doing great in first grade. He adjusted well to the full day schedule. He is not liking the homework tho.

Ry-Guy and Goober are doing well. Not much new for the big boys.

Jo-Jo…..well he really deserves a few blog entries all to himself. He has been having trouble sleeping. I believe it’s a delayed reaction to the stress of my bed rest and the birth of the baby. Along with his sleeping problems he has also been acting very fresh. He will cry if something doesn’t go his way, he doesn’t listen when we are out of the house and he will pick fights with Chip and Busy Bee. It has been exhausting to say the least!!!

Gus has gotten so big! At six months he is weighing in at 13lbs. 14oz!!! He is now on cereal and I have given him bananas, peas & sweet potatoes. He has 2 bottom teeth. He is finally strong enough to sit in the exersaucer and he really enjoys it. He still requires my attention almost all the time and he will only nap in my arms or when we are out and he is in the carseat. He does sleep great at night tho. I am in no hurry for him to start crawling 😉

I know there is so much more but my little one is requiring some mommy time!!!


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  1. Thanks for all your comments and visits! Great to catch up on your family!

    I love the photo with you and the ones with your older kids with your youngest. Makes such an impression to think that our boys are as old as they are and as small as they are!

    I think Timmy has just started teething and it makes me a little sad. Right there with you that I’m in no hurry for him to start crawling. (He’s yet to even roll over, so not really worried there.)

    Love, hugs and blessings! You amaze and inspire me!

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