I Am Ready To Go Back


Ever so slowly my heart has been healing. I am ready to get back to church. I had been thinking about it for a few weeks now. I did some research on the net of some local churches I wanted to try out. I had e-mailed a church for some more information. The response I received was positive, warm and welcoming. So off I went this morning with 3 of my kiddos. The church was all I was expecting and more! They have a staffed nursery (a must for me) as well as Sunday school during worship service. It is not the contemporary style of service I was looking for but it really didn’t bother me after feeling so at home within minutes of walking through the door. The hymns we sang were songs I had heard before and the sermon was amazing! It was a message I needed to hear, longed to hear, and I found myself drawn in and nodding at each point the Pastor was making. After service we gathered for fellowship. I spent over an hour chatting with everyone…..the time just flew by. Busy Bee and Chip were in their glory playing with the other children. As we walked out the doors they were asking when we can go back. I plan on taking the entire crew next Sunday.

After such an uplifting morning I was inspired to cook a special meal for hubby. I made his favorite: breaded chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn and biscuits. It took a while to make with all the little ones underfoot but it was so worth it 😉

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