6 Weeks, Sick Kids & Shopping


Ok I know that is an odd title for this entry but it covers what I plan on writing about 😉

Last Saturday my mom and I went out to dinner (ALONE) and got a little shopping done. (I left Gus home with hubby) It was an early Mother’s Day get together for us. We had a yummy dinner at Applebees then did our shopping at JC Penny’s. Mom treated me to a few new tops to accommodate “the girls” as I call ’em. (Ahm my expanding bustline 😳 😉 )

Sunday (Mother’s Day) was a nice, relaxing day. Hubby cleaned the house for me while he let me sleep in. He brought me coffee in bed (he offered breakfast but all I wanted was coffee)

Monday was my 6 week postpartum check up. My OB’s office is in the next county so I had to leave early to get there. My appointment was at 3:45 but I left at 2:00 so that I could stop and pick up Gus’ birth certificate. At 2:40 my cell phone rings. It’s Goober calling to say the school called and no one picked up Chip 😯 My step-dad was supposed to pick him up. I was 45 minutes from home!!! I called my mom in a panic. Well long story short my step-dad was just running late and he picked Chip up. Nothin’ like a good scare to get the heart pumping huh?!?

Sick kids: Gus is still sick with his cold 😦 His eye has cleared up but his nose is still very stuffy (especially at night) JoJo has been on the antibiotics for his ear infection. His nose is still stuffy/runny but at least it isn’t bloody anymore. (Last week he woke up with his face covered in blood. After cleaning him up his nose started pouring blood. This was the first time one of my kiddos has ever had a nose bleed. I almost took him to the ER!)

I’ll finish up with the good deals I got at the local Goodwill Store! It took a good hour of searching but I walked out with 3 pairs of jeans, 2 skirts & 2 tops for $23!!! I also got 2 Razor scooters for $9!! Chip has been wanting one for a while. I plan on going back on Saturday with my mom to hunt for some more good deals!!


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