My Morning……


Let me start by saying I have a killer sore throat from allergy post-nasal drip!

I started my day around 6:45am (after getting up every 2 hours or so to nurse Gus) Goober was getting ready to leave for school. I turned on my Keurig coffee maker and put away the dishes while my cup of hazelnut coffee brewed. I sat down at the table and sipped my coffee while nursing the baby and paging through the local paper. All the while I was being graced by Busy Bee with her made up dance routine (which seemed to be an endless series of  twists & turns) After Gus was full & content I put him in the swing to hang out. I took the opportunity of free time and did a quick workout. After I showered and dressed I was asked to play a game of toss. We also took turns tossing the ball into an empty box. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself 😉 This went on until Gus woke up and needed to eat again. After Gus was finished eating I made an early lunch for myself & the little ones.

At some point I also tossed in a load of wash, fixed breakfast for the little ones, cleaned the bathroom and changed diapers.


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  1. Hmm…this sounds familiar! 🙂 It’s funny to read how similar mommy mornings are. I hope the rest of your day went just as smoothly. I know how fast a day can go from great to nightmarish!

  2. Whew! I know what that’s like! LOL. Thankfully Caleb is finally sleeping through the night. It’s hard not getting your sleep and having to stay up all the next day. But newborns are sooo much fun so it’s worth it!

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