My Black Hole


I swear there must be a black hole in my house somewhere. There are a few things that have just disappeared and we cannot find them!! First is one of JoJo’s shoes. This one has been missing for a few months now. I know that as soon as I give up and toss this shoe the other will turn up….so I have been holding on to this in hopes of finding its mate. Second to go missing is JoJo’s yellow cup. Hmmm….is there a common thread here? (JoJo) This cup has been missing for about 2 weeks or so. The third to go missing is a pair of JoJo’s sneakers. I know I’ve seen them since Gus was born. I have looked high and low for these things: under all beds, inside all toy boxes, behind the couches, in both of the little one’s closets, under the computer desk, downstairs in the family room and inside my van. I cannot think of another place to look? My guess is maybe these items have been thrown out? But I’m sure I would notice a pair of sneakers or a cup in the garbage right???


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  1. The kids don’t have hampers. Plus I do laundry every other day (sometimes every day) so if it landed in the laundry I would have found it by now! I give up…..they are gone forever! LOL!!

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