Things Are Finally Turning Around!!!


Well it’s about time things start going in a more positive direction for me. It felt like that black cloud would follow me forever! But now that I am through my whole pregnancy ordeal I am feeling better. My household seems to be improving as well. We are finally getting ahead financially. What a good feeling. Emotionally I have been feeling good. I know it’s still early but I am hopeful that I will not fall prey to the grip of postpartum depression. All in all things are looking up :mrgreen:


My shining light, my antidepressant, my blessing


2 responses »

  1. What a gorgeous little bundle!

    Hope the Post Natal Depression stays away. I had it, along with Ante Natal Depression, with my last 4 pregnancies. It’s not fun, but at least when you know what it is you can cope. The first time I had it was very scary.

  2. I had PPD after my 4th & 5th baby. I also had the antenatal depression with this baby. I agree, just knowing is the first step to recovery 😉

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