NICU – Day 3


We had a great day in the NICU today!! When hubby & I walked in this afternoon we were greeted by a baby with no CPAP!!! He was breathing room air. And when we returned after dinner we were able to witness his very first feeding. He took in 12cc of breast milk. And after he was nice & milk drunk I was able to hold him for the first time!! I also changed his diaper for the first time. So many exciting firsts!!! My heart was soaring. I was connected to my baby. Sadly we had to leave early because they had a micro-preemie that wasn’t doing well and the family needed to spend what little time they could with their baby 😥  A sad reminder of how very lucky we are, how good our baby is doing and it could always be worse!!

Today’s weight: 4lbs. 15oz.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention when we returned at dinner time they had the lights turned down in the NICU. Gus had his eyes open 🙂 When hubby & I spoke his eyes tracked our voices. He was so alert for few minutes. He was also a lot calmer being touched. The first day or two he’d get very agitated when touched. But today he seemed to welcome our touch. His O2 stats rose with each loving touch from mommy & daddy!!


First feeding

First time mommy held Baby!


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