NICU – Day 2


Gus is doing good. He has been weaned down to 30% O2! He had another x-ray today. His pneumothorax is gone!!!! :mrgreen: The nurse said he may be able to start feeding tomorrow. He is a little jaundice but not enough to require phototherapy. Goober came with me today. It was so sweet to see my youngest and oldest together.

Today’s weight: 4lbs. 15.71oz.

Today I am wearing size 12 jeans. Ok yes they are relaxed fit and I did have my baby 6 weeks early. But it’s still exciting to say 2 days after my baby was born 😉


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  1. Wanted to say congrats on your little one and job well done!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog. I update every Thursday so feel free to come back and visit if you get bored! =) (Can’t imagine you’re going to bored for a long, long time!)

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